Future Hermit.

Well, hermit’s not accurate. I’ll be out of my apartment plenty this semester. Socializing with people? That I doubt.

So far in grad school I’ve avoided that mindset. I’ve gone out on most weekends (or stayed in or out with Adam, often with beer or wine involved), watched a pretty typical amount of TV, read magazines, slept in whenever I was class-free. Sure, some things have changed (dedicating a few hours every weekend to the lab, feeling completely unrelaxed on Sundays), but mostly I stayed away from any “grad school” stereotypes (/behavior I’ve seen in other students and thought was really unnecessary…studying/avoiding going out weeks before tests, for example).

I think this semester may end that. At the very least, I will have 8 clients this semester (at least 5 at the school, 2-3 for one clinic assignment, 1 for another), which means a very large amount of paperwork and planning per week plus three separate supervsior meetings (one is 6 or 7PM on Thursdays, one is—sadly—8AM on Fridays). This isn’t atypical or anything, all of us are going to be having busy semesters. But once you pair that with 3 presumably difficult classes (“This will be your hardest semester”) and my own personal anxiety/usual procrastination…I don’t see it going well. I think my semester really might be clinic-class-meeting-lattes-planning-food-homework-studying-freaking out-crying-sleeping….and repeat. I’m jumping the gun, and could be wrong. But it doesn’t look good. And I do not function well (or, um, at all) without my breaks. I sort of wish this could’ve held off until next dsc01616year, when I won’t know anyone on campus except SLP-ers. Pathetically…this is me trying to positive. Just thinking that I WILL be able to get it done…It just will mean doing nothing else. Oh, I forgot about 10 hours of work a week. Throw that in somewhere.

Silver linings of late? Heather and I bought our plane tickets to Charleston, SC for Katie’s wedding and reserved our hotel room (July 10th-12th). I finally went grocery shopping and made curried chicken salad for myself (bought the suggested spices this time) and am making some zucchini-tomato gratin tonight (for Katherine’s and my “lesson planning/dinner/Grey’s Anatomy” combo of an evening). Have cleaned my living room, bed room, and closet better than they have been since August (still have the bathroom and some shelves to go). Am almost done with The West Wing (a silver lining and a reason to cry…I love this show so much). Am currently loving the Champaign Public Library (although I doubt any will ever worm its way into my heart as much as my home library) and its easy checkout and hold systems.

Off to prep for dinner and wrap up a couple more things on my lesson plans. Will have to call parents tomorrow…definitely one of the things that makes me the most uncomfortable (which is stupid).


~ by Elena Marie on January 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Future Hermit.”

  1. Ick. Your semester doesn’t sound fun. I’m sorry. I’m surprised they gave you 2 extra placements outside of the school. Which group do you have? Social skills or fluency? And what’s your other client? If it’s anything I can help with, please let me know. I’m more than happy to help you out, lend you materials, etc. And–not that it’ll make you feel any better–I found fall semester of 2nd year to be worse than spring semester of 1st year. šŸ˜›

  2. Yeah, I was surprised, too (was just hoping for diagnostics on top of the school). I have social skills and an individual preschool language client 2x a week. I think you might’ve had some of my social skills kids, so definitely will check with you on that. And that does not make me feel better haha but at least in the fall I won’t know like anyone on campus except classmates (not totally confident that will increase my productivity).

    Really need to get back to the lab this week…if I remember how to do anything šŸ˜‰

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