3 Blocks to Veggies.

After editing some 6th grade essays and running various lab and therapy related errands I decided to wander over to the new Caribou Coffee and get my, er, lovely multiple Aphasia assignments done.  It’s attached to the new County Market, which I am now really excited n1908943_34769015_4032about. Adam had cautioned me that it would be pricier than Meijer, and I’m sure he’s right, but in glancing at a few familiar items anyway I didn’t see much of a difference. It probably won’t replace Meijer, but having grocery store with veggies galore 3 blocks away from me? Amazing. I no longer would have to spend 20 minutes round-trip in a car just to grab a head of cauliflower or a bunch o’ asparagus.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have a serious weakness for ice cream and will probably never stop ordering Chinese, but I’ve been feeling a little better with my health choices lately. Have kept up with the 2x a week trips to the ARC  (Heather and I went for an hour yesterday, choosing the ARC over going out to eat…I’m proud of us), have some new workout videos to try out from the library, have mostly been eating better. I’ve lost a bit of weight, but I can’t say I can see it much yet. That’s the thing about being tall: you can’t see weight gain for awhile (yay!), but the weight loss isn’t immediately apparent, either (booo!). Eh, much as I mostly care about being thinner, no tropical bikini-required spring breaks are on the horizon (…sigh…), so I’ll just focus on getting a bit healthier.

Back to the red carpet and lots of  therapy prep. Ciao.


~ by Elena Marie on February 22, 2009.

4 Responses to “3 Blocks to Veggies.”

  1. I have been doing my best to be healthy too. Don’t know how well the working out aspect of it is, but definitely have been eating better. And not drinking as much coffee and caffeine. AND drinking lots of water. AND trying to go as vegetarian as possible. I eat more chicken now than beef, which I like.

  2. I cannot bring myself to give up my near-daily coffee (but have at least been trying to have mostly coffee and not so many lattes), but otherwise: yep. On the same page. 🙂 Luckily I really only like chicken, so am spoiled in that regard. Although the steak I had on Valentine’s Day almost converted me…

  3. I started making myself eat chicken, and now… I can’t eat steak/beef/sirloin. It just…grosses me out. I only eat beef in chili, and even now, I am making it with lean ground turkey. Next step is to try it with chicken. But I think Jonathan would be HIGHLY disappointed if I did that. Plus, I am attempting to limit myself to one alcoholic beverage a week. If that. I have lost weight, though I am afraid to look at the scale and be disappointed that it’s only two pounds or something. Beginning Monday (hopefully I actually keep this) I am going to be getting up at 6:00 AM and begin walking (then jogging, then running) so that I am more energized and get into shape. And I am done.

  4. I am incredibly impressed. If I had a job that started at 12pm there is NO WAY I would get up at 6. I am awful at getting up earlier than I have to (admittedly, I don’t have any weekday mornings to sleep in, but still). I’ve been making it to the gym 2x a week and attempting to do some sort of workout video another day. Did “weight-loss” yoga yesterday and am super sore haha. My body does not bend that way. Need to find another DVD.

    And yeah…suspect I’ll always be above 1 alcoholic drink a week. 🙂 Adam’s workout plan/book tells him to stay at 5 per week ha.

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