Round-Up: XI

Um, can we all “awwwww” at the awesomosity and utter sweetness of this Valentine’s Day gift? I definitely plan to participate in the project soon!

Perfect way for any Austen fan to Darcy up her kitchen.

A new favorite style blog, new favorite outfit. Primary colors, I think we might be buddies soon.

Okay, how awesome is this etsy shop? ALL proceeds go to Haiti/Doctors Without Borders. It’s like donating…but getting something material/lovely in return (along with all those good feelings).

Filing this recipe away. Looks delicious. On a related note, U of I-ers: free Mediterranean cooking class at the ARC on the 17th!

Something else delicious and decidedly more decadent. Ooh, and carrot cake whoopie pies.

Why I need to grow my hair out.

I’ve seen this print over on Carrots ‘n’ Cake and always love it.

~ by Elena Marie on February 15, 2010.

7 Responses to “Round-Up: XI”

  1. I have that print in my office!

    Favorite print EVER. In office.

  2. love the picture.. 🙂

  3. I bought two things from the Hearts for Haiti shop last week as gifts for a friend. Such an awesome idea! I’m going to blog about my purchases soon.

    • Ooh very cool! Looking forward to reading about them. I definitely need to go through the shop and look for potential gifts…might as well buy some in advance now so the money can do some good!

  4. hey are you going to that mediterranean cooking class??

    • I kind of doubt it—I start my preschool placement Friday morning (and have roughly ZERO guidelines) so need to get preppin’ tomorrow/attack Sociolinguistics silliness. If you go I will be VERY jealous. 🙂

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