Happy 101

Dea of The Dea Diaries kindly gifted me the “Happy 101” award! You should check out her blog if you aren’t already—Anthropologie loveliness abounds! Here are 10 things (in no particular order) that are currently responsible for my smiles:

1. My new trench coat and all of your kind comments about it/on my fitting room post. Let’s expand that to your kind comments in general. They truly mean so much to me, especially during a busy and stressful week.

2. Wedding photography and style blogs. I’m not engaged or married, I just find them insanely gorgeous and creative.

3. Snail mail. These days even a lengthy email rocks my socks, but nothing can top a card picked out or made just for you.

4. My friends (old & new). I feel so lucky to have both friends with whom I can reunite after months and still feel complete in-sync, as well as classmates I can see every day and find more awesome every night out.

5. Modern Family & Chuck. You crack me up and keep my treadmill workouts rockin’. Muchas gracias.

6. Classes ending FOREVER in 2 weeks. Enough said?

7. Cookies. I am a cookie addict (or “monster”, as my mom lovingly has said). Give me snickerdoodle, sugar, white macadamia, peanut butter, shortbread…and preferably in dough form. THANKS.

8. Nike+. I don’t have the chip, but at my school’s gym my iPod syncs with the machines. I love keeping track of my mileage, seeing how many calories I burned, joining challenges.

9. Big words and beautiful writing. I maybe enjoyed studying for the Verbal portion of the GRE. Just a little. I love words. And a blogger whose writing I’m especially digging right now? Kendi’s!

10. Adam & Milwaukee. We’re hittin’ 2.5 years this weekend, and I’m glad I’ll get to be in Milwaukee during this momentous occasion (Shhhhh half-year anniversaries are SO legitimate!). I’m so giddy over Adam loving his new city so much, and I’m grateful to it for bringing us many miles closer. Even long distance, he is my person. Especially when he tries to give me kisses via video chat. 😉

Annnd some of the blogs that make me happy:

Kendi Everyday


Sidewalk Chalk

Fashion Therapist

Clothed Much

Fashionable Academics

What Would a Nerd Wear

Life My Way

Healthy and Homemade


Spread the joy, ladies! Thanks for giving me lovely things to read everyday.

~ by Elena Marie on February 25, 2010.

10 Responses to “Happy 101”

  1. Thanks for the link love! I’m really enjoying reading/getting to know you too!:)

  2. xoxoxoxoxo

    please go to school for me? hahahaha, so excited for you!!! ❤

  3. .5 anniversaries do count indeed! I can’t wait to hear all about it and see the pictures!

    You must tell me your trick for watching tv while you run on a treadmill. I am a klutz and have fallen off more than once while attempting to do it.

    • Haha! I’ve only ever run on the university’s treadmills while watching TV, so I don’t know any other way! Every treadmill has its own nice-sized personal TV, so other than looking down a little bit, it seems to be okay. When I leave this lovely gym, though, and have to learn to look up/read closed captioning? Oooof who knows. That will be rough! And thank you—I don’t think we’ll actually be celebrating much as it’s a weekend with many friends, but I will certainly be marking it mentally/verbally. 😀


    And you’re not suppposed to telllll people about kisses 😛

  5. Thanks for the shout out! Amen on Modern Family — I can’t get enough of that show!

  6. You’re very welcome and totally deserving of the award. Enjoy your posts and glad I found you!

  7. Congrats on the award and thanks for the shoutout. I love looking at wedding/style blogs too even after I’m married!

  8. thanks for the blog love! promise i haven’t forgotten yet! your happy list is great! all lovely and worth things

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