Ruffles + Memories: May 4th, 2010

Event: School placement

Outfit: Ruffled blouse: General Eccentric (2008); Cropped jeans: Gap (2007); Argyle cardigan & brown sandals: Target; Earrings: World Market (Anna’s; gift from me); Brown belt: Forever 21; Layering tank: Old Navy

I suppose I have a decent memory for where I’ve worn most of the items in my wardrobe, but some stand out more than others. This white ruffled blouse, for instance, was purchased in Spring 2008 specifically for the Bronze Tablet reception. Bronze Tablet is basically U of I’s highest academic honor (indicates you graduated in the top 3% of your class), so I decided I deserved to treat myself to something new for the banquet. Ah, how I love feeling justified in new clothing purchases. 😉 I was utterly car-less in undergrad, so the store under my apartment was really my only easy option. This blouse made the cut. At the time I don’t think ruffles were as widespread, and it felt like a very unique addition to my wardrobe.

Hm. Come to think of it, I was wearing these cropped jeans during Adam’s and my first kiss. WHOA, outfit. Filled with WIN. 😉

I love reading about the memories behind other bloggers’ outfits (JoAnn’s dress from her rehearsal dinner comes to mind!). I really do feel like this is one of the reasons clothes and personal style are important to me; they are so inextricably linked to a lot of my memories!

This outfit didn’t photograph as well as I’d have liked—looks a bit lumpy and the layering’s a bit crazy at the bottom of the shirt(s). I was just excited to bust out my brown sandals–I’m somehow finding them comfier than my black pair. Tomorrow involves two parent (IEP) meetings, so I figured I should embrace a jeans day while it felt appropriate.

Hope you’re having a terrrrrrrrific Tuesday, friends!

Meeting Adam in the Union’s cafe post-reception

Spring 2008

~ by Elena Marie on May 4, 2010.

5 Responses to “Ruffles + Memories: May 4th, 2010”

  1. I love the blouse! And Bronze Tablet? Yay you! (Were you in CHP or a James Scholar too?)

    • Thanks! Only James Scholar…I was too lazy to even complete the CHP application essay 😉 I guest lectured a class of CHP-ers this semester felt a little intimidated. And BTW James Scholar is AWFUL now–they have to do a senior thesis, etc. I had it eaaasy.

      • I was in CHP, and I really enjoyed! I was James Scholar through junior year, but then due to some fine print misconceptions on my part, I found out I’d been removed. (i.e. I thought you only had to have x amount of class hours through all four years, when you really had to have a certain amount each semester.) Oh well. I was happy with CHP. 🙂 Congrats again on Bronze Tablet–that’s so fantastic.

    • Congrats on CHP! I’m very impressed! 🙂 Seemed like some of the courses offered were very very cool. A couple of my undergrad friends from the lab are in it and speak highly of the program, too!

  2. I love the outfit! The purple peeking out under the sweater is a darling touch. And I love your comments about clothing linking to experiences and memories! Those things really are what make each piece so special!

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