Deja Vu: May 17th, 2010

Event: Meeting with superintendent & coffee date with Liz

Outfit: Pinstriped vest: Old Navy (gift from Anna); Ruffled tee: JCrew; Black pencil skirt: Handed down from Mom; Kitten heels: Target; Cuff: Banana Republic (gift from Stephy); Earrings: Handed down from relative; Bag: Simply Vera (thanks, Mom!)

I know. The top of this outfit is soooooo Monday, May 10th. Apologies. But hey…the skirt is new to the blog! And I added a cuff! And kitten heels! Forgive me?

Honestly this outfit was born out of confusion. I got a call last week asking me to come and meet with the superintendent (of my future job’s school district). I asked for details (should I bring anything, what was it regarding), but did not really get any. So…even though I already had the job, I didn’t know if it was an interview, a formality…no clue.

I was very very glad I didn’t opt to wear a full-on suit as it was literally a three minute “meeting” confirming my salary and saying hello. No reason to be nervous. PHEW. The school board should officially approve me this Wednesday (MY BIRTHDAY lalalalala). In any case, that’s how this outfit came together: out of a need to look professional and yet to not appear a complete fool if it was just a meet-and-greet.

As for the second part o’ my afternoon, had a great coffee date with Liz! We’re both pretty set for post-graduation life: moving out & then in with our boyfriends, jobs we’re excited about. I love catching up with high school friends, especially when they’re fellow M.A. CFY-SLP-ers, of course. (Yes, I believe that’s my official signature now: Elena, M.A. CFY-SLP= Elena, Master of the Arts, Clinical Fellowship Year-Speech-Language Pathology).

Time to go make some cornbread. More on the graduation weekend soon!


~ by Elena Marie on May 17, 2010.

3 Responses to “Deja Vu: May 17th, 2010”

  1. Congrats on all of the live changes coming your way! Being 24 is pretty nice, but this is coming from someone who is looking forward to turning 25! 🙂

  2. Congrats on the (brief) meeting going well!

    So pretty nails and cuff!!

  3. You look lovely! I love repeating every now and then =D

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