French Gondolier: May 18th, 2010

Event: Dentist, impromptu Goodwill trip, doctor

Outfit: Striped tee: H&M; Skirt: Gap; Sandals: Target; Eiffel Tower/key necklace: borrowed from Anna

First things first: 1) I passed the speech-language pathology Praxis!, 2) I have nice, clean teeth (thank you, dental hygienist…first time I can remember that I haven’t gotten a lecture on flossing. Good job, self!).

So, good start to the day! Birthday Eve, SOME might call it. 😉

I love this necklace. Yay for Anna being home, especially as her clothes and jewelry came with her! With the stripes and the Tour Eiffel I felt, yes, like a French gondolier. But maybe that’s just because I want to be in Europe so badly right now it hurts. Lalala. The key on this necklace is a family item; Anna picked it out from a whole collection of “family keys” my aunt has.

Stopped for a bagel/coffee on the way home from the dentist and spotted a Goodwill. I pretty much struck out, but did pick up a couple of records for .99…The Sound of Music being one of them. I’m sure that’s how Adam imagined his record player being used…MUAHAHA. They had a plethora of nice pants (JCrew, The Limited, Ann Taylor, Express, Ralph Lauren, etc were in attendance)…but no “talls”. Bummer. Away from the $5 rack and back to the Gap I must go. It will be interesting to see how I handle wearing closed-toe shoes and slacks all. summer. long.

Time to head to the doctor. Parents’ insurance runs out May 30th, so I’m busy milkin’ it for all it’s worth!


~ by Elena Marie on May 18, 2010.

6 Responses to “French Gondolier: May 18th, 2010”

  1. Love the closeup of the necklace. So nice. I just found an Eiffel Tower necklace at F21 and I’m excited to wear it soon!

    Hahaha, I remember well the days of using my dad’s insurance to the max before I got married. So funny and yet so practical!

  2. Gorgeous necklace!

    Yeah, I don’t know yet if I’m teaching a summer class before we leave or not, so I don’t know what my insurance situation will be between June and August.

    • Thank you! I’m going to pay for “catastrophic” insurance or whatnot until August…but kind of out of luck when it comes to actual appointments, etc. Hope you get insurance!

  3. So I have to admit; I don’t think i would have thought to pair these colors together, but I really, REALLY love it!! And congrats on the Praxis!!!

  4. Ooh, gorgeous necklace. And I’m loving your skirt! Such a fun color!

  5. I love your outfit. Hooray for stripes, and the necklace is totally adorable.

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