Canon PowerShot, Baby!

Above is the very first photo I took with my NEW CAMERA!

As those of you at the Chicago Blogger meet-up might recall, the dial on my old camera was busted. Also, while it’s “only” three years old…the photos were starting to look sad. The features were not fantastic (okay, I’ve just been jealous of my friend Melissa’s color accent feature for what feels like forever). Adam, knowing I would not spend the big bucks on a camera on my own, got me this sweet one for my graduation/birthday! And, really, it makes such a difference! Swig was awash in very romantic lighting on Friday, and yet the food photos came out great—no flash needed. Eeeks. I’m giddy over it. He also gave me a mini tripod so that I can actually take my own outfit photos when needed!

Below are some photos from this weekend, all courtesy of my new Canon Powershot! It’s so sleek, black, beauteous. WHEEEE! As a girl who’s always had the free phone, cheap camera, 20-year-old TV…it’s kind of awesome to own something current and fantastic.


~ by Elena Marie on May 24, 2010.

4 Responses to “Canon PowerShot, Baby!”

  1. The pictures of Arwen on the bed and under the table are my favorite.

  2. Haha, awww, look at Adam and Arwen cuddled up. So sweet! Congrats on the new camera. Hoping to get mine for my birthday THIS FRIDAY. Yay!

  3. aww adam and arwen are so cute! haha! and you look great!

  4. that last pic—cutest thing ever. seriously

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