Dressing Room: Anthropologie

Pulsations Skirt

Originally $78, now $40

This skirt was my only purchase, and hooooopefully I’ll get another 15% off of it later. I know, after all my excitement over the birthday coupon, I DIDN’T HAVE IT WITH ME YESTERDAY. I swear it’s been in my purse every single day…and now I have no idea where it is. I was abnormally upset about it, but Adam talked me into buying the skirt in spite of my forgetfulness and offered to go do a price adjustment later if I find it. Yes, he rocks. Soon I, too, will live 3 blocks from Anthropologie. The sales section and I might get a little too friendly. As far as fit goes, I went up to a size 10 on this one, so I’d say it runs a bit small. I love the exposed zipper and summery colors/pattern.

Faceted Skirt

Originally $128, now $70

I loved this skirt. Anything with an argyle-esque pattern and pockets is bound to tempt me. Alas, $70 felt far too steep a price to pay for a cotton skirt. If the price magically drops, I’ll definitely stalk it again! This was a size 8; I’d say fits true to size.

Drifting Jasmine Skirt

Originally $98, now $50

Similar enough to my other Anthropologie skirt in cut/style that I knew I wouldn’t buy it, but after seeing it look lovely on other bloggers (Kendi comes to mind!), I had to give it a shot. Very pretty. This is an 8, pretty true-to-size.

Doubly Dapper Dress


Beautiful dress, lovely fabrics and details—-I liked the fullness of the skirt and the pockets. It felt a bit short on me when movin’ around, so not a real contender. This is an 8, true-to-size.

Serengeti Sundress

Originally $138, now $70

I liked the color cominbation, the straps, the bodice. I would certainly wear this, but it’s not one for which I was tempted to break out the moolah. Can definitely see it being perfect on a hot summer day; I’d LOVE to add many more summer dresses to my wardrobe if the price tags were much less painful. Size 8, true-to-size.

Lane Change Skirt


I didn’t like this on me at all. I probably would’ve needed to size up to a 10, but just in general it was not flattering me. I like the exposed back zipper and pockets in theory, so someone else could certainly rock this!

Rainforest Morning Shirtdress

Originally $158, now $80

Gorgeous print, great concept…not great on me. The unbuttoned front-slit on the front was too much for this tall girl. Still…go grab it at your local Anthro if you can find it/it works for you! Would be such a great piece for many seasons. Size 8, true-to-size.

That’s it for this trip—Adam was patiently waiting (and I didn’t want to try on too many items; had decided before entering the store that I would only buy one—sale—piece). Have you  nabbed (or online stalked) any Anthro pieces lately?


~ by Elena Marie on May 24, 2010.

3 Responses to “Dressing Room: Anthropologie”

  1. Love the skirt that you go, but the Faced Skirt is so pretty too. Maybe it’ll go on sale soon too 🙂

    I’ve online stalked Anthro pieces, because you know we don’t have one in the C-U area. Sad. I love the Salty Seas Dress and the Sweet Shoppe Dress 🙂

    I hope you find your coupon soon!

  2. That red and white skirt is da bomb! I love it! I’ve never let myself go inside an Anthropologie… I don’t think I could handle that much cuteness… but they just opened one across the street from my house so I may have to give in!

  3. these are pretty much all great on you! i love your anthro reviews because you always try on the stuff that i would’ve taken to the dressing room, too. so now i don’t even have to go to the store 😉

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