Home Perks.

My days are feeling long, so it’s nice to have some comforts at the end.

When Anna saw leftover chocolate ganache and heavy cream in the fridge, she decided to make us all crepes for dessert. Yeah, kind of full of win. Chicken, pasta, and roasted asparagus (my contribution) for dinner, fill-up-your-own-crepes later. Mmmmmmm. Merci!

As for the roses, my friend and former roomie Shelly sent me them from Ecuador! She works for a company called GammaFlowers (perfect resource for planning a wedding!), and she sent me 50 yellow roses for my birthday/graduation. They arrived perfectly packaged and full of gorgeousness! I have two huge, filled vases of ’em downstairs, and they’re definitely an instant pick-me-up. Gracias!

Here’s hoping the spots o’ cheer will keep coming, in whatever form! Glee‘s Gaga episode is up there, too.


~ by Elena Marie on May 25, 2010.

One Response to “Home Perks.”

  1. Mmm LOVE crepes!

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