Round-Up: XXVI

Things I must make/eat: asparagus gratin, pan-fried cajun chickpeas, Tiffany’s tomatoes, and shaved asparagus pizza.

Children of the nineties unite: summer movie favorites. I miss The Parent Trap‘s Lindsay Lohan.

This open-shelved kitchens are beautiful.

A tumblr all for photos of bookshelves. HEAVEN. I especially love this one and these.

LOVE this blog. Every outfit photo comes with its own sketch!

Green-walled kitchen, a fabulous yellow chair, and a red bedroom.

Breanne’s tribute to the SATC characters’ styles rocked. Here’s her take on Charlotte.

I have an antique desk that is a bit tattered…maybe I could do something like this with it? GRELLOW. Would be amaaaazing. Here’s an option for old dressers, too.


~ by Elena Marie on May 31, 2010.

4 Responses to “Round-Up: XXVI”

  1. Thanks a bunch for the shoutout!

  2. ohhh i really like that furniture! i have extremely optimistic plans to repaint some furniture this summer…hopefully something turns out half this nice!

  3. that desk looks amazing! I love the color. And those pancakes look AMAZING!!

  4. I love that desk! I have a nice writing desk, but would love another big one that I could paint.

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