Stephy’s 24th: May 29th, 2010

Event: Celebrating Stephy’s 24th birthday!

My outfit: Strapless purple dress: The Limited; Vest: Old Navy (gift from Anna); Heels: Nine West (borrowed from Anna); Gold necklace & ring: Borrowed from Anna; Gold cuff: Banana Republic (gift from Stephy)

Stephy’s outfit: Shirt & necklace: Silver Spider; Skirt: Simply Vera (thrifted); Shoes: Target; Earrings: Target (gift from me); Red flower pin: H&M (borrowed from me)

After seeing SATC2, I don’t think attire other than that which requires high heels could possibly be donned. 😉 Stephy went for “Carrie” with the help of my big flower, and I…well, admittedly didn’t really channel anyone. I packed very light for this trip (er, so light that I forgot pajamas), so this was the outfit that came to be. I like getting ready with friends—-seeing their “outfit choosing process” and enjoying the mutual fanciness that results.

We started the evening out with delicious homemade pasta and a bottle of white wine. Many more drinks would follow, including some shots for the birthday girl that the rest of us downed as well. Oof, shots. I rarely drink hard alcohol anymore, so that was probably what made me so, er, wobbly. I lucked out far more than the birthday girl, though, and after LOTS of water was all good to make the 4-hour drive back the next day.

Yay for a dressy night out, especially one in celebration of a birthday (especially when it’s for a friend I’ve known for 23.5 years). I’m glad I got to ring in Stephy’s 24th with her. While I’m very excited that I’ll be a bridesmaid in her wedding to Jonathan (yay!), I don’t know how much I’ll see her over the next five years outside of wedding festivities and holidays…they’re California-bound for the duration of Jonathan’s PhD program. Sigh. We’re all growing up.


Purple dress previously: Chris & Noreen’s wedding, New Year’s Eve


~ by Elena Marie on June 1, 2010.

4 Responses to “Stephy’s 24th: May 29th, 2010”

  1. You both look awesome!! Sounds like you had a blast ^_^

  2. Awww looks like you had a wonderful time together! Isn’t it so bittersweet to think about growing up, especially when it means being away from people you love so much? I’m so glad you had this fun weekend together!

  3. Aw, it looks like you had so much fun, and you both look so stunning!

  4. You guys look great! I really love the vest over dress thing you’re doing, too. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun.

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