Hair Helper.

This weekend’s trip to Forever 21 yielded a few new accessories, this headband full o’  shine included. I’m not a hair person (I know this has been stated before), so anything to help make that a smidgen less apparent is always welcome. This definitely helped brighten up a slacks/shirt/damp hair ensemble earlier this week. Next year, when the commute will be long and the morning departure time will be cruel, I suspect I’ll be breakin’ out quite a few shiny headbands. Urban Outfitters & Anthropologie, I’ll be seeing you soon enough. Any suggestions? Where did you find your favorite, most comfortable hair accessories?


~ by Elena Marie on June 2, 2010.

5 Responses to “Hair Helper.”

  1. What a great find! This post was amusing to me because I don’t think I’m really a hair person either. I mean, I love my hair and I love having it, but I don’t really accessorize it. I like your headband though — might have to check out F21 sometime soon!

  2. That’s a lovely headband!! I want to see pics of you wearing it. I’ll have to look at F21 too, because I’ve definitely been craving a statement headband.

    My comfiest headband is from Banana Republic.

    • Oooh good to know, thanks 🙂 And I def will take photos soon—had no photog or tripod in sight yesterday, sadly.

  3. I have three headbands that I really like right now. A shimmering gold one from Target that’s really great, the b/w fabric flower one from J. Crew that I’m wearing in my facebook profile pic, and one from Urban Outfitters that I bought on my honeymoon (it’s pretty, but it can give me a headache if I wear it all day).

  4. Oooh, I love accessories from F21 – because even if you don’t like them a month later, they are so cheap that it’s always worth it even if you only sport it a couple of times! I really love this headband – can definitely spice up any outfit! 🙂

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