Dots & Petals: June 4th, 2010

Event: Meeting & medical placement

Outfit: Polka dot tee: General Eccentric; Tan pants: Gap; Black rosette flats: Target; Red rose flower pin: H&M; Stud earrings: ?

I was about to put this tee in the “give-away” pile…and then I decided “…or I could wear it tomorrow.”

It might still make it into the pile (I MUST BE CUTTHROAT, PEOPLE), but I liked it for today. Pieces like this flower are helping me feel more like myself during the workday. One of the (very stylish!) secretaries told me she makes her own flower pins, and that she gets a lot of her inspiration from Anthropologie catalogs before making her own version of the pieces. Ahhh, kindred spirits. Well, even though I don’t make anything. I, er, appreciate it in the same way. I just buy the $4 H&M version instead.

This morning I had a meeting over at my future work all about benefits. Oh, insurance. You’re confusing! There’s no better way to begin your morning than to discuss with a stranger who would bury you in the event of your death. Ahhhh, Friday. I could’ve used some coffee first. The lady was actually very nice, and I think I know which plans I’ll choose. Adulthood’s so weird and expensive. But…HUZZAH, INDEPENDENCE! Seeing the dental plan motivated me to floss multiple times today.

Right when I got home from work, Anna and I headed to our local mall for a bit of shopping and dinner. Main mission accomplished: I finally got a black dress for Beth’s bachelorette party tomorrow (waited for what felt like forever for The Limited to finally have a sale!). The invitation requested black cocktail dresses & purple accessories—Anna’s making me a purple floral pin of sorts (I left the details in her capable hands) as I type. The lady has mad skills.

Time for some sleep—gotta get ready for the bachelorette party (okay, buy booze for the trolley and wrap naughty gifts) and maybe meet a Verona friend for lunch tomorrow. Hope you’re having a wonderful Friday night! I’ll try to have a belated weekly poll up tomorrow.


~ by Elena Marie on June 4, 2010.

5 Responses to “Dots & Petals: June 4th, 2010”

  1. I really like the polka dot tee. I’ll take it if it doesn’t make the cut 😉 hehe

    As always, you rock the flower!!

    Have a fabulous time at the bachelorette party!!

  2. You should make your own too!

  3. Sounds like you have an awesome weekend in store!! I love this outfit; I think the polka dots are perfect.

  4. I love that flower pin with the polka dot top! Such a vibrant, fun burst of color. Lovely outfit!

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