Floral Sneak Peak.

Check out the flower Anna made me last night. Burnt edges and everything! Girl has talent. I can now fulfill the bachelorette party requirements in style.


~ by Elena Marie on June 5, 2010.

8 Responses to “Floral Sneak Peak.”

  1. She should make me something. BECAUSE I LOVE THIS FLOWER!

  2. this is lovely! wahhh i want one. are they in an Etsy shop somewhere? hmm? hmm?? ha ha 🙂

  3. I’m loving the beautiful colors and gothic/Romantic vibes from this flower! She did a great job.

  4. That girl’s got talent.

  5. Wow, so lovely!! She’s very talented. I agree with Joann. Definitely a gothic romance vibe.

  6. that is seriously gorgeous!!!

  7. thank you! i’m thinking of opening an etsy soon because i’m kind of obsessed with making these flowers now. elena and i will keep you posted!

  8. […] $30 off a $90 purchase. With Anna as my shopping buddy, we took advantage of both. Anna not only made this gorgeous flower, but Saturday morning she also whipped up an alternative option “for funsies” and it […]

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