Saturday Poll: May 29th-June 4th, 2010

Update: Last week’s poll winner was Sunday with 48% of the vote. The maxi dress triumphs! Grazie mille for your feedback, amici!

2 weekend and 2 work-week looks to choose from this week. I hope I’m not boring you to death. Hey, I bought some new massively on sale grey dress slacks yesterday so LOOK OUT, WORLD. New slacks are a comin’.

Just painted my nails purple in prepation for the black/purple bachelorette party tonight, meeting Laura for lunch in a bit, get to hang out with Amy in the city tomorrow. Should be a good weekend 🙂 I have a feeling this week will be a bit stressful (what’s expected of me at the medical placement is sure to increase significantly), so had better enjoy it!

As always—-I’d love to hear your (anonymous) pick for top outfit, May 28th-June 4th. Additional feedback in the comments is very much encouraged and appreciated. Have a rockin’ weekend!


~ by Elena Marie on June 5, 2010.

3 Responses to “Saturday Poll: May 29th-June 4th, 2010”

  1. I couldn’t decide between Sat I and Friday. I like how business casual the Friday one looks… that red flower is a nice cherry on top 🙂 But then I quite like the first outfit and those sandals… hey wait a second… you’re wearing the red flower in this one too. Ha ha. 🙂

  2. I really like the vest/dress combination in the first two outfits — it’s so chic and adds definition to the waist area, much like a belt would. Your accessories for this week are beautiful!

  3. […] hands off the computer since Friday afternoon which, admittedly, is always a good change of pace! Last week’s winner was Saturday: II with 40% of the votes. Muchas gracias for your […]

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