Bachelorettes: June 5th, 2010

Event: Beth’s bachelorette party in downtown Chicago

Outfit: One-shoulder dress: The Limited; Sandals: Target; Bracelets: Forever 21; Purple flower: Handmade by Anna

I’m pretty exhausted at the moment, so this post might get the short end of the stick. Sorry, post! Was out of the house from 7:15am-6:15pm today due to my decision to participate in the rehab facility’s free boot camp after work (run by  the very impressively buff Occupational Therapist). I can barely lift my arms or move from my bed right now. And let’s just be honest: I was the youngest present and struggled the most. My cardio might be decent, but ohhhhh my goodness am I weak. One-footed plank floor walks? I think not. Definitely a great workout (even though I had to modify parts of it for myself)—60 second exercises with 15 seconds of rest for a full hour. OUCH. Kind of an embarrassing experience, really, but I will say that the ladies are all very positive and supportive. I might make myself go back. As the OT said, what’s the point in going if it isn’t hard?

I also did my first three evaluations, all in one day. I think they went fairly well, though I’m definitely still learning/requiring feedback. Aspect of this placement I really enjoy: feisty older clients. One 83-year-old lady immediately announced that she is not politically correct or quiet and has earned the right to be that way. I totally loved her for it.

Okay, back to the bachelorette party. Black dress & purple accessories were required, so this was my take on it. I had been holding out for a sale at The Limited for awhile, and it finally came through on Thursday: 30% off dresses, $30 off a $90 purchase. With Anna as my shopping buddy, we took advantage of both. Anna not only made this gorgeous flower, but Saturday morning she also whipped up an alternative option “for funsies” 😉 and it is also rockin’ (I wore it today). Some partygoers had awesome takes on the purple theme—-purple fishnets, a purple wig, purple pumps. Lots of prettiness.

It was a fun bachelorette party (well, and the first one I’ve been to!). Nice balance of class and, well, penis straws. The (boozy) trolley ride around the city was great, especially with photo stops at Milennium Park and Wrigley Field built in. Fireworks were awesomely going off at Navy Pier as we drove past (…for the bride-to-be, of course ;)). I’ve known the bride since freshman year (she’s a fellow SLP, though she went elsewhere for grad school), but Adam’s actually the best man at her upcoming wedding (having known both the bride and groom long before college). Adam and I didn’t meet until our senior year, but I’ve crazily known the bride and groom for several more years….but we didn’t meet through them. OH CRAZY SMALL WORLD.

Time for some photos! Am all for hearing any bachelorette party stories you’re willing to share 🙂 Have you been to one with any kind of dress code?

Color accent on the new camera. SAH-WEET.

The bride-to-be

On the trolley!

Ladies in Milennium Park (purple!)

Randomly seeing study-abroad friend Chris!


~ by Elena Marie on June 7, 2010.

9 Responses to “Bachelorettes: June 5th, 2010”

  1. this is so pretty! that dress is gorgeous and i love the spots of purple.

  2. You look gorgeous! I hope you recover from boot camp quickly!

  3. You look absolutely gorgeous!! So pretty. That dress is amazing. I had my bachelorette party in Chicago too, but sadly no trolley. That sounds like a blast!

    I’ve wanted to try a boot camp for a long time, but I’ve never done it yet. I’m excited to hear how it goes, if you go back 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh, that sounds – and looks like! – so much fun!!! That dress is just gorgeous on you, too.

  5. ow owww! you look awesome! perfect dress. bachelorette stuff is so fun. and awkward, haha.

  6. Whoa, you are a skinny-waisted hottie! You look goregous! I love that shot of all you ladies in your black dresses in the park.

    Hope you’ve recovered from your boot camp beating. 🙂 I need some of that to whip me back into shape! This grad school business has turned me into more of a lazy bones than I’d like to admit.

  7. Oh, and I can’t spell gorgeous, apparently. Hee hee!!

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