The Dress That Wasn’t.

Okay, this H&M number didn’t quite work on me, but I couldn’t help but snap a photo. Check out all those details: the partial zipper, waistband, buttons on the sleeves, neckline, color. It was a bit too transparent (and I didn’t NEED it), but oof. Still somehow tempting. H&M always has items that are unique enough to reel me in. Almost.

Other note-worthy pieces from Friday’s shopping trip (aka items you should go buy even if I can’t find an excuse to do so): this pink cocktail dress with gorgeous seams & this tiered pencil skirt.

This is why I don’t torture myself with true window shopping—-I had actual goal-purchases in mind when I went to the mall and did get to buy those. Shopping without getting to take anything home isn’t fun to me.


~ by Elena Marie on June 8, 2010.

5 Responses to “The Dress That Wasn’t.”

  1. Ahhhh I love that tiered pencil skirt!! Stop showing me pretty things, Elena!!!

  2. That tiered pencil skirt is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I may have to give myself a little shopping trip and check it out.

    Too bad the dress didn’t work out for you, though! I think it looks nice, but again I’m a full supporter of the “you’ve got to love how you feel in it to buy it.”

  3. I love the details especially the rushing at the waistline.

  4. i like it on you!

  5. Ooooooo I love this dress!

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