Chains & Sparkle: June 15th, 2010

Event: Medical placement

Outfit: Blue long-sleeved tee: Gap; Grey pants & chain necklace: The Limited; Headband: Forever 21; Black rosette flats: Target

If you’re getting sick of seeing the same black flats every day…well, you’re not alone. But these are about the only flats I have that I’ve deemed comfortable enough for a 7:30am-5pm day. Must work on that. OR START WEARING SANDALS AND HOPE NO ONE NOTICES.

I kid, I kid.

Not much to say about this, other than that 7:15am indoor photos with flash are not exactly doin’ much for me. To be fair, I think my face was a bit burned from Sunday’s Beer Run festivities. ANYWAY. I am starting to feel a bit happier about my work-day looks. They’re feeling more and more “me”. I am always waaaaaay excited to throw on a dress or two when the weekend hits, but I’ll survive.

And P.S. I continue to love these long-sleeved tees. Best $5 ever spent. And P.P.S. These, pants, marked down from $70 to $30, have been such a godsend. So long, so affordable. Grazie, Limited!


~ by Elena Marie on June 16, 2010.

5 Responses to “Chains & Sparkle: June 15th, 2010”

  1. I continue to love the headband. 🙂 Looks so pretty.

    What a great deal on the pants! They look so nice that they would have been worth the $70, so it’s fab you got them for $30!

  2. I think that necklace is the one (or at least very similar) that I tried to get all of my bridesmaids to get to wear at my wedding, but it was vetoed by all of them. I couldn’t belive it! I thought (and still think) it’s great!

    • Weird! I love this necklace 🙂 Just looked back at your wedding photos—the ones you wound up going with are beautiful, too!

  3. or just wear your crazy heels to work. hahahaa.

  4. […] is a pretty basic look (and very much resembles several of my medical placement ensembles). I have to praise Gap’s long-sleeved tees (well, again)…truly the […]

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