Beer Run 2010.

I keep alluding to the Beer Run, but I haven’t blogged any details.

Well, at 11AM on Sunday, Adam, his roommate Alex, and I were at the Locust Street Festival, all signed in and ready to run. I’m noticing now that it is advertised as a run OR walk, and some people certainly chose to walk…enjoying their beer at a leisurely pace while donning heavy costumes (hi, chicken-suited-woman). Alex (marathon runner) and Adam kindly ran at my pace—which was pretty slow (well, for them, considering they were downing 2 cups o’ beer to my 1 at each mandatory alcohol stop with no problems). My stomach didn’t love the premise of drinking and running in the hot sun, but it made it through, keeping the running motion going. I should mention that it was only 1.8 miles, so this is no great accomplishment. It was just a very fun event; lots o’ costumes (as you can see below), people pre-gaming all over, and sprinklers lining the race route. We finished in a bit under 20 minutes and then grabbed an outdoor lunch downtown (+more beers) and walked back to the Third Ward.

Oh, Beer City…you amuse me to no end. Time to train my stomach for 2011. WHO’S WITH ME?! I would seriously consider wearing a tutu, if that helps.

Photos courtesy of Adam’s iPhone


~ by Elena Marie on June 17, 2010.

4 Responses to “Beer Run 2010.”

  1. I’m not pacing with you if you were a tutu. Loooooooooove you 😀

  2. beer run…too funny.

  3. Oh my gosh, SO FUN. I’m jealous, and I wish MKE did this every weekend! Have fun at the Scottish Festival this weekend!

  4. […] sis’s grad party. We kicked off Sunday with our second Beer Run (first can be found here). I must say that I felt much better this year—with just the two of us we took things pretty […]

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