Fitness Updates & Anthropologie.

It’s been awhile since I discussed any sort of exercise, primarily because my main “routine” has been attending super-intense boot camp every Monday and then maybe getting in one run later in the week. Not exactly stellar, but boot camp truly makes me too sore to do much else. This week, however, the OT who runs boot camp is on vacation, so 6 of us just met after work to do the 20-minute, level 1 of the 30 Day Shred DVD. I really liked it! I stayed after to jog a mile on the treadmill whilst chatting with one of the ladies, and now I’m not even sore today. I was able to go for a run tonight (2 miles), and I incorporated Shred activities along the way (stopping to do 1-2 minutes of jumping jacks/knee-butts and plank routines from boot camp). Felt good (and I don’t think too many people saw me being the crazy-jumping-jack-lady in the park)! It’s been nice to mix it up. I think I’ll have to add some Jillian Michaels to my DVD collection.

I’m really excited to kayak, run, bike and walk with Adam this weekend. Running around my small neighborhood has really been getting old for me. Need some new variations to my routine! The scenery is gorgeous, too. Deer and cow sightings are pretty much guaranteed. Oooh and the cheese factory is only a bike ride away.

And now some pretty new arrivals from Anthro, just because. May need to make a trip to the fitting room during Friday’s brief stop in Milwaukee…

Lovely striped dress from Old Navy can be seen in the last photo. If the “tall” size is actually long enough, I’d love to own this. Picking a color would be rough…


~ by Elena Marie on June 29, 2010.

4 Responses to “Fitness Updates & Anthropologie.”

  1. The boot camp just sounds ridiculously intense. I’m training for a half now, so I’m avoiding anything that makes me too sore to run within 36 hours of doing it.

    • Definitely sounds wise. It’s gotten easier every week, but I think the fact that it’s all exercises I’ve NEVER done before makes it very challenging for me (lots of things while in plank, lots of—light—-weights combined with core exercises). I prefer the combo of DVD + cardio! Love that it’s a free class, but I don’t think it’s quite right for me…maybe if it were 30 instead of 60 minutes I could do it without feeling so wiped out.

  2. DROOLING over those anthro items! going for a run always helps me too if I’m sore, woohoo running!

  3. My fitness routine has been wayyyyy less than stellar. Georgia heat and humidity right now is pretty much unbearable for exercise. I’ve been shredding some inside but not nearly enough. I’m getting soft though so I’m motivated again. Go you with your workouts you look awesome!

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