Maxi Dress (The Second): June 27th, 2010

Event: Beth & Jeff’s Sunday gift-opening lunch

Outfit: Floral maxi-dress: Gap; Belt: Forever 21; Sandals: Target; Bangles: H&M (borrowed from Anna)

Why hello, funky photo!

So this is my second foray into the land o’ the maxi dresses. I bought the two in my possession on the same day, when dresses were 30% off and I also had a 20% off coupon (honestly, I think its current sale price, $70, is way too much. I was comfortable with the $35ish I paid due to the cinched in waist, length, and optional straps). I like my other one better; it’s just more in my comfort zone in terms of print and neckline. But, while I was diving into the trend, I just couldn’t resist this one either. I can see why these dresses are so appealing and have stuck around for several seasons—SO easy to just throw on, accessorize a smidgen (if desired), and enjoy a hot summer day. I had no idea we were attending a Sunday lunch for the newlyweds, but I was glad this was my packed outfit…worked out nicely. Definitely a look that would transition nicely from the beach to nice outdoor lunch or dinner. I think ones made of thicker layers of cotton, like these two, are more flattering on me than some pieces would be. That said, I want this striped, racer-back dress to go on sale so I can give it a try…

Are you a maxi dress convert? Still holding out?


~ by Elena Marie on June 30, 2010.

5 Responses to “Maxi Dress (The Second): June 27th, 2010”

  1. Love the print on this maxi and I love it on you!

    p.s. H&M has a similar striped maxi dress as the Gap on and I believe it’s alot less expense

  2. The print on this is so great! I love maxi dresses. They’re so incredibly comfy and seem to flatter every figure.

  3. amazing dress, you’re gorgeous!

  4. I’m definitely a convert, but only have faith in certain styles and prints. Being tall and curvy, I can look like a circus character or beach reject if I’m not careful.

    LOVE this dress on you and how you’ve cinched it w the belt. I also love your first attempt. I think you’re maxi successful, girl!!

  5. […] for the outfit, this is the dress I lusted after quite some time ago, but deemed far too expensive for a cotton dress. I stalked it this week, knowing it had hit the […]

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