Friday Poll: June 18th-27th, 2010

Previous poll winner was Sunday, with 42% of the vote. Merci—I concur with your choice! I’d love to hear your (anonymous) pick for top outfit, June 18th-27th. Additional feedback in the comments is very much encouraged and appreciated!

Wishing you many brats, burgers, fireworks, and beers this weekend! And, er, afternoons of reading and nice long walks, just for balance. 😉


~ by Elena Marie on July 2, 2010.

3 Responses to “Friday Poll: June 18th-27th, 2010”

  1. This is a really hard choice.

  2. I chose the 19th for selfish reasons. Not only is this a gorgeous summer ensemble, but you’ve also given me some ideas for styling my own version of this dress;) Thanks!

  3. I’m not sure it’s fair to put a wedding outfit in with your others because I had to vote for it immediately. Otherwise, this poll would have been really hard, as all the other outfits are fab, too.

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