Round-Up: XXXI

In honor of the 4th: Reasons I Love America (Even Though I’m Constantly Trying to Leave It). I can certainly relate.

A grellow wedding & a school-themed one!

Love these textile necklaces. Oooh–an Illini-colored one! Gorgeous etsy shop.

Okay, I kind of find these robot pillowcases to be adorable.

Yumminess: antipasto salad, Greek salad skewers, homemade focaccia & roasted red pepper/arugula sandwiches.

A quote full of romance. Oh, there you are.

I love how e. of academichic lengthened this skirt! Time for me to get creative when the hemlines say no to my 5’10” self.

Parent Trap style (Haley Mills version).

Peek inside a lovely home & stylish work spaces.


~ by Elena Marie on July 4, 2010.

3 Responses to “Round-Up: XXXI”

  1. Those recipes (especially the focaccia and red pepper sandwich) are seriously making me drool. If I wasn’t so hopeless in the kitchen, I’d try it. Hell, I think I’d try anyway! 🙂

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  2. yay LOVE those robot pillow cases!! too cute!

  3. yay for robot pillowcases! they are ridiculously cute!

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