Celebrating The Fourth: July 3rd, 2010

Event: 4th of July party with the family at our lake house

Outfit: Navy tank: Old Navy; Skirt: Anthropologie; Sandals: Target; Flower pin, sunglasses, bangles: H&M (bangles borrowed from Anna)

I’d like to thank Adam Arcus Photography, our lovely little lake,  & a budding sunset for these photos.

I think this outfit was about as patriotic as I could get without being downright costumey (which I suppose I have no objection to on a holiday such as this). I was so excited to finally wear this May (birthday) purchase from Anthropologie. I love the exposed zipper in the back, the circus-like pattern, and the full skirt…it called to me from the salesrack!

My family hosted a little soiree on Saturday in honor of the 4th—actually a pretty big one for us. My family is very, very small…so having 17 people for dinner was quite an event. Adam played grillmaster and was in charge of roughly a zillion burgers and beer brats, my friend Sarah brought 5 delicious varieties of Kettle Chips, beers were opened. We ate outside and, yes, I enjoyed both a brat and burger. I can never, ever choose between my dad’s homemade burgers (veggies/bread crumbs are included, the only way I will eat a beef burger) and WI-y beer brats. Fireworks on the beach followed right after this mini-photo-shoot.

I might want to live in Europe and get myself speaking italiano again ASAP, but I am grateful that I was born American. That my dad’s family left the Middle East so that they would have more opportunities and freedom. That I can say & blog what I want. And hey,that my American passport allows me into other countries pretty darn easily, which I’m always especially jazzed about. I do like you, America. I just want to make sure that I value other countries and cultures, too. Happy Birthday.

Patriotic looks previously, outside of 7/4: Nautical Patriot, Nautical Patriot (Work Edition), Patriotic & Tan, Plaid, Plaid Gone Glam

I love sun flare, Adam, and the Canon 5D.


~ by Elena Marie on July 6, 2010.

8 Responses to “Celebrating The Fourth: July 3rd, 2010”

  1. What a beautiful skirt! Love the classy look!

  2. I adore this look! That skirt is simply gorgeous, as are these photos.

  3. I love that Anthro skirt! The flower is the perfect touch! It sounds like you had a great weekend, and I don’t usually go for burgers but your dad’s sound amazing!

  4. these pictures are amazing!!! and i LOVE this outfit on you. you are getting skinnier by the minute – you must be working hard on that shredding!

  5. Oh, MAN! I really, really love this outfit. You look amazing and Adam really killed it with his photography. Wonderful lighting! I think this might be one of my most favorite of your posts.

    And good call on the other country love without being a hater. It’s a hard balance to strike. 🙂

  6. I love the navy combo with the skirt! You look amazing and it was a perfect outfit for the 4th.

  7. That skirt is completely awesome!

  8. […] two red/white prints, but the skirt/actual silhouette is pretty hidden here (you can see the skirt here), so it’s hard to tell if it worked. One older man at trivia yelled to me that he […]

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