Dressing Room: Anthropologie

Part of Anna’s and my trip around Milwaukee’s Third Ward was, of course, a stop at Anthropologie. Anna walked away with a lovely dress from the sales rack (with her $25 gift card it only cost her $5!) and a pair o green sunglasses. I left empty-handed, but with the first three items below firmly on my wish list. The minute a sale hits (please, oh please!), I vow to scoop them up.

1. Traced Twirls Dress, $158

I LOVED this dress. We didn’t know the name of the dress at the time, but Anna told me to twirl and TWIRL I did! What an awesomely full skirt. The MKE store only had a size 10, so I’d love to try an 8 if it goes on sale. I didn’t even realize it had a removable strap until taking it off—such a nice bonus.

2. Shifting Buttons Skirt, $118

I fell in love with the pattern/color combination first and the skirt’s length second. It would be so perfect with any basic tank and long enough that my frequent fears of flashing someone when a gust of wind comes along would stay far away. Sitting criss-cross-applesauce would be possible! Please go on sale, perfect skirt. I went with a size 6 on this one after Anna/the awesome Anthropologie employee said it should sit at the waist, not fall below.

3. Lost Time Skirt, $118

A tulle underskirt? JUST JUMP INTO MY CLOSET, SKIRT. I featured this piece on the blog last week, and I was right…loved this one! So quirky but classic. I could see this transitioning from summer days/nights to work to winter. This is my last “MUST BUY” piece for right now. This was a size 8, TTS.

4. Circling The Globe Skirt, $68

Very pretty. Kind of loved the pull-on styling—so different for a non-S/M/L sized piece! This size 8 fit well. I’ve seen other bloggers rockin’ this piece,so had to give it a try. I’d go for it for its infinite re-mixin’ possibilities, but it’s not at the top of my list. Would need a nice sale.

5. Heliconius Top, $68

Beautiful top, but it didn’t look like anything special on me. I could see it with a thin belt/jeans. I believe this was a size M, fit TTS.

6. Rising Vapors Dress, $50? (sale)

I loved this dress on the website when it first came out. Recently I saw it on a blog as a bridesmaid dress and loved it again! However, this was a medium, and it was oddly too big on me. No other sizes could be found. Boooo. Lovely dress, though.

So…numbers 1-3 are calling to me. Would love to add 1 dress and 2 skirts to my wardrobe. Fingers crossed for sale prices soon! Anything catching your eye at Anthropologie?


~ by Elena Marie on July 6, 2010.

9 Responses to “Dressing Room: Anthropologie”

  1. that first picture is SO CUTE! did you try the bicycle dress on too?? i waaaaaaaaaaaanted it!

    • I did try it on—LOVE it on other people, but I was weirdly swimmin’ in my usual size. Maybe with a smaller size/belt. Such an awesome print/piece! You would rock it on your beautiful bike!

  2. GEEZ lady!! You motivate me to work out more so I can look as good as you do in Anthro. So gorgeous, I think Adam should buy you ALL of those lovely pieces 😉 lol

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  4. Love the first dress! I love “window shopping” online at Anthro… if only the prices didn’t scare me!

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  7. […] is firmly on my wishlist after this trip. Still holding out on the Traced Twirls dress & two skirts.  I haven’t spent any money on clothes this month (so mint.com tells me)…keep waiting! […]

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