City to Country: July 2nd, 2010

Event: Introducing Anna to Milwaukee’s Third Ward, seeing Adam put up his exhibit, trip up to the lake

Outfit: Grey tank: Express/ Gold necklace/ Bangles: H&M (all borrowed from Anna); Skirt: Anthropologie; Sandals: Target; Bag: H&M

I asked for Friday off of my internship so that the 4-hour weekend trip to WI would make a bit more sense. The time off was (awesomely!) granted, so Anna and I left IL at 8:15AM on Friday to get ourselves up to Milwaukee. Adam gets off work at 11am on Fridays during the summer, but Anna and I wanted some girly time in the Third Ward. I think Anna got right away why I wanted to move to the Third Ward so badly. 🙂 We split delectable scones at Bella (pumpkin walnut & strawberry rhubarb), browsed Retique, spent some time in Anthropologie’s dressing rooms, experienced price tag shock at Falcon (I won a $75 gift card there–yay!– but it didn’t cover anything I could find), and grabbed a birthday card for our aunt at Broadway Paper.

Then we went to meet Adam for lunch AND to see him put up his exhibit! I’ll blog more about this when Gallery Night rolls around, but he currently has an exhibit up at one of our favorites places to eat/find good wine: Kafevino! You can see a sneak peak over at his photo website and his facebook page. It was fun seeing it come together—- looks wonderful! So proud of my guy for makin’ his dreams happen. I think many more exhibits are in his future.

The above photos are obviously from the lake house (7pm-ish on a longggg day), not the city o’ Milwaukee. Our journey from Mke to the lake took an hour longer than it should’ve (ergh), but luckily we grabbed oreo milkshakes along the way to soothe our hunger/traffic anger and were greeted with dinner and a swimming-temperature lake. Great start to a wonderful weekend. I can’t wait to get back up there…hopefully in August!


~ by Elena Marie on July 7, 2010.

One Response to “City to Country: July 2nd, 2010”

  1. Great skirt! It looks like you had a lot of fun!

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