Round-Up: XXXII

I just love staring at EmersonMade’s pieces. They already sell gorgeous, ginormous flowers—but clothes are up next!

Katie’s posting an “anniversary series” on her blog featuring the artistic elements that went into her wedding (which I was lucky enough to attend exactly one year ago!). Happy 1-year wedding anniversary, Katie & Tony!

Also romantic and awesome? Tieka’s latest video (on the beach!) with her husband.

Sticking to the topic o’ love: check out these wedding invitations. I love both the design and wording (“Ridiculous amounts of joy will immediately follow the ceremony”). Perfection.

This font is full of vintage romance: Lady Rene. Quirky rocks, too.

Beautiful necklaces at les morceaux. And here’s a gorgeous statement piece—such fun colors.

I want a little herb garden!

I love this interview with Indiana of Adored Austin. I could really relate to her last response—I feel so awkward telling someone I have a blog…especially if they’ve never heard of “style blogging”. “Um…I put of pictures of my outfits. And write about my day. Just…stuff.”

I want to lounge with a good book and lots o’ coffee. Maybe some pie. Just sayin’.

There you are, food: applesauce cake with maple buttercream frosting, cheesy sweet potato crisps, lemon zest cookies, spicy chickpeas, TMBC skewers.

And love for the bookshelves: exposed wooden beams, white shelves, very natural, and books everywhere.


~ by Elena Marie on July 11, 2010.

One Response to “Round-Up: XXXII”

  1. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only person who feels awkward saying, “Yeah, I have a blog.” I didn’t tell my parents for months because I knew they would look at me and while scratching their heads saying, “Whaaaa?”

    Also, I love the EmersonMade clothes, but jeez louse those prices are scary!

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