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…Make that Peregrine “Pippin” Jo Jordan Phoenix Darcy Dantes Cedric Hart T.

(Or so my LiveJournal tells me)

My guinea pig, Pippin, died today. I’d been thinking it was coming…she hadn’t been eating much at all this week which, as you may know, is very unlike a guinea pig. No squeaking for food, no interest in carrots. Very sad. She didn’t seem to be in pain, just very unlike herself.

I honestly was surprised how upset I was today. As she’s lived with my parents for the past 4 years, I haven’t really gotten to spend much time with her. And, well, I didn’t spend as much time with her as I should have. But for that first year, she was all mine. I got her my sophomore year when I was really lonely (and probably depressed) & having major roommate issues. She was my constant companion through a rather unpleasant year. As we had another guinea pig at home (we were never allowed to get cats/dogs growing up), she wound up staying in suburbia once I had an apartment that was strictly no-pets-allowed. But she’s continued to be an incredibly cute and sweet guinea pig up until now. My dad and I just buried her in the backyard. Sadness.

In any case, you were a very good guinea pig, Pippster. You represented your LOTR namesake well and you shall be missed. As Adam very kindly pointed out, you stayed in my life until I was moving onto the next step, and to a new pet who will hopefully also be a good companion to me. Grazie mille.

LiveJournal entry from September 19th, 2005 is below the cut.

June 11th, 2010


  • Sep. 19th, 2005 at 12:37 AM

ever after davinci <3

Image hosted by
Anna before Homecoming

I’m so excited to see more pictures when SHE COMES TO VISIT ME THIS WEEKEND! It sounded like there was quite a bit of drama (of the good variety) at the dance with her friends. It’s interesting to hear about her high school experience, because it really is pretty different from mine thus far (ha, except when she talks about AP Euro…that I can relate to…).

Also starring in my weekend…

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
I know, I seem to be assuming it’s a boy. Mostly because the super-aggressive creepy guinea pig in the cage wasn’t harrassing it. But I really have no idea…I’ll have Anna check it out this weekend (right now I’m kind of leaning toward girl, actually…just based on visual evidence lol). Anywho, Pippin is adorable. I’m still kind of concerned that he/she might be allergic to the wood chips and doesn’t drink enough water, but I think it’ll be alright. Liz and I went to get Pippin after we saw Just Like Heaven on Friday (I ❤ Mark Ruffalo, but it could’ve been better). I partly picked her to save her…she seemed shy and there were some weird guinea pigs in there.

I went out to the bars (Clybourne) Friday night with my roommates (wound up meeting up with Heather by coincidence, though)…it was fine, nothing particularly exciting. Stayed pretty sober, actually, as drinks were $4…which was not worth it. Saturday I went to Canopy Club to see The Profits, but wound up enjoying their opening acts just as much! Rob Blackledge, Cary Judd, Matt Wertz…all awesome. Guys with guitars? Really never a bad thing. Ahhhh. Also randomly saw Katherine there with some of her friends that I’ve previously met.

Pictures from the above events at a later date. Hope everyone had a good weekend…and hopefully one that was more productive than mine.

Time to glance at my fEnEtIks and get some sleep :o).

And P.S. There were so many beautiful dresses at the Emmys. Favorites: Mischa Barton, Marcia Cross, Felicity Huffman…and Jennifer Garner and Lauren Graham just because I ❤ them. And hey, Zach Braff in a suit is not a bad sight, either.

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~ by Elena Marie on July 12, 2010.

4 Responses to “Archives: Pippin”

  1. To Peregrine “Pippin” Jo Jordan Phoenix Darcy Dantes Cedric Hart T, the best of the guinea pigs! I’m sure she’s in a place of great lounging and greater carrots. I am glad she helped you out during such hard times and stayed with you through to make sure your next step was a very happy one. Arwen is looking forward to making sure it stays that way. She’ll do her best to carry the LOTR legacy that Pippin so boldly and proudly held.

  2. aw, a very nice post, elena. To Pippin! (sorry, adam’s comment was so good, i didn’t really know how to follow) she was a great and adorable guinea pig and kept us company.

  3. aww sorry elena! i just read the post! i didn’t experience too much pippin, but i know how special animals can be!

  4. Oh no! =( I’m sorry that’s such a bummer!! Pippin seemed like a real sweetie.

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