Urban Jungle: July 11th, 2010

Event: Lara Miller sale & late lunch with Adam in Wrigleyville

Outfit: Tan, pleated dress: Pitaya (Champaign); Red tank & necklace: Borrowed from Anna; Bracelets: Old Navy; Sandals: Target; Sunglasses & purse: H&M; Belt: Forever 21

So, my Sunday didn’t exactly turn out as planned (and Adam’s most definitely did not). But…I did get to enjoy Lara Miller’s sale, which had some beautiful pieces and some delicious complimentary appetizers. Anna interns there twice a week and has been working hard to get things ready for the sale, so I was excited to see it all come together! The clothes were outside of my yet-to-be-determined budget, but I understand why—Lara’s commitment to sustainability, fair labor practices, and quality fabrics make it impossible to get things into my price range. Really very reasonable for items of such quality and pieces that are made so you can wear them many different ways. I got the chance to meet Lara and, just as Anna has said of her hero, she was incredibly nice. Anna brought home a few pieces from the sale for herself and I’m excited to see her rock ’em all!

Adam met me much later than expected as his train from Milwaukee fatally hit a woman. Oof. Very sad. Due to the major delays associated with such a death, he arrived in the city hours late (thus missing the World Cup). He then also missed his train back to Milwaukee (and thus had to take a train to his hometown and have his Mom/sister drive him to Milwaukee instead). Not a good day for my Adam. This non-city-savvy girl got herself to the sale with Adam’s phone-in assistance…but it was sad how much Chicago with no plan stresses me out. I am starting to feel like I need a phone with internet—I would’ve had no clue where the El was (let alone the red line/the sale once I got off at the station) without his help. I don’t know Chicago at all. It’s very strange…I think I somehow feel more comfortable navigating European cities. Here I just feel like I SHOULD know how to get everywhere, but—upon realizing that I don’t AT ALL—get all stressed and panicky when I’m lost.

I think Milwaukee will be a good place to start. Chicago, I’ll keep visiting you. Promise.

I hope you’re having a great start to the week. I’m well, not, but more on that later. Looking forward to the weekend and starting the move to Milwaukee.

P.S. Moroccan food with Adam was the other highlight o’ yesterday. See photo below.

P.P.S. The elephant on this necklace was snagged by Anna for $3 at least week’s WI flea market. Awesome.


~ by Elena Marie on July 12, 2010.

6 Responses to “Urban Jungle: July 11th, 2010”

  1. I love Adam’s photos. Seriously he is an amazing photographer. I love your outfit from yesterday. The neutrals with the pops of color is perfect.

    I am the type of person that once I have seen a map or have been somewhere once I remember how to get there or find my way around. If you don’t know the city it can be scary, but its not to bad. But I grew up in it so I guess I am just used to it.

  2. dang girl! you looks soooo good. great post on the sale too 🙂 and dont worry, you know how incredibly inept i am at directions, but im figuring it out a little bit! i try not to let myself panic, because I know, I get really stressed when I’m lost, but now I’m trying to turn that around. i realized that I can call someone (like Ann, she always my where am i in chicago go to girl) or ask someone on the street for directions. people are pretty much always happy to help!

  3. adam’s photography is amazing…especially that first pic.
    Also I love your dress with the pink accents and that belt. I agree Chicago can be confusing if you are not familiar with the EL.

  4. I am positively hanging my head in shame that I didn’t respond to your email. Being out of town made me incredibly lazy. It looks like you had an awesome time, and Adam just keeps outdoing himself with these pictures!!

  5. These photos are amazing! And I love your outfit – the layering and touches of color are very summertime chic. You look cool and confident!

  6. […] Blogger Meetup) & some Highland Games. The blogger brunch features designer Lara Miller—-who I’ve already met as she was Anna’s boss this summer! Such a fun […]

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