The moving in commences on Thursday for Adam, Friday for me! I’ll still be living in suburbia through the 29th (oh, internship), but every weekend from here on out will involving moving into our apartment! This obviously makes me ponder decor. We have some tentative plans for paint colors (red kitchen, grellow bathroom, green bedroom), but they still need to be finalized/translated into paint-color reality. I love love love prints & etsy, so that’s where today’s search took me.

Items from the “Keep Calm and…” series that called to me are up first. Also: Love Dogs, Write, Blog . Could see Blog & Snap in our den (/office) & Coffee in the kitchen. Buy three 5x7s get one free!

Keep Calm and Drink Coffee, $10/ Keep Calm and Travel On, $8/ Keep Calm and Carry On, $15/Keep Calm and Snap On, $5/ Keep Calm and Read On, $15/

And some that are love/travel focused. I definitely associate both things with us. 😉

/Yellow Linocut Map Poster, $20/Oh How I Love Thee, $20/Love Languages, $25/You Are So Loved, $8/Prague Art Print, $22/

That’s it for now. I really want this brain poster for the office…it has Broca’s and Wernicke’s areas, SLP friends! I want to embrace a little bit o’ neuro nerdiness. Admittedly, originally had this website bookmarked because I thought Adam would like this Chicago print. I heart you, Ork Posters!(!).

Any recommendations on where to find awesome prints?


~ by Elena Marie on July 13, 2010.

3 Responses to “Prints.”

  1. I love these, and the brain one — I’m such a psych nerd. Good luck with getting ready to move. I’m so excited about our move and being able to have more decorating space!

  2. Gah, well I suppose I’m converted to prints. Still like photographs though 😛

    I love that Chicago one!

    • I OBVIOUSLY want photographs, too (yours). 🙂 Just am a print addict as well. And yayyy I thought you would.

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