Adam started moving his stuff into our new place tonight! Tomorrow I get to leave work at noon to go join him. I’m only bringing a CR-V load of stuff (aka not very much) as the main goal is to get him fully moved out by the end of the weekend—-moving me in will take awhile. It will at least be nice to hang up some of my clothes, unpack some dishes, be able to use our new coffeepot. Maybe we’ll narrow down some paint colors this weekend? Breaks to see Inception and perhaps enjoy a fancy night out are on the books as well.

I can’t wait…and I can’t believe this day is finally here. Year o’ long-distance, you’re about to pay off big time. ROOMIES ROOMIES ROOMIES.

(Yes, you should read that as a very loud chant)

Favorite photos of us in Milwaukee taken by Adam


~ by Elena Marie on July 15, 2010.

5 Responses to “Moving: COMMENCE!”

  1. you guys are so cute! Honestly, such a good look couple.

  2. Woohoo! Congratulations! Good luck with the move!

  3. you guys look so happy together…good luck with the move

  4. Oh, that’s fabulous!!! How exciting! Good luck with all the moving. We’re doing it in a few weeks and not looking forward to it… :/

  5. first picture: christmas card? hehe.

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