Chinese Food & Sunsets.

Whoa. That was a long weekend o’ moving. By which I pretty much mean moving Adam’s stuff. My room here at home is still filled with my possessions. Eeeks.

But it also held some great moments: eating delivered Chinese food off of crates in our new apartment while the sun went down, seeing Inception (amazing & oh-so-intense!), happening upon a street fair, dining & Italian-festival-ing (fireworks!) with a couple of Adam’s friends from work, brunching at The Wicked Hop, tentatively selecting paint colors.

I love love love our new apartment. I do not love that I have to keep living in IL for 2 more weeks. Booo. Want to be in Milwaukee, painting the walls, making dinners for two,  and waking up with Adam.

Get here very quickly, July 29th!


~ by Elena Marie on July 18, 2010.

5 Responses to “Chinese Food & Sunsets.”

  1. i LOVE this!!! so happy for you too, can’t wait to be doing the same thing, i have a feeling, in prob less than 2 years 🙂

  2. Looks like it will be a beautiful place. July 29th is coming too soon for me. Jonathan and I officially leave for SLC this Saturday (the 24th). We move into our new apartment in Davis, California September 1. Eeeeeks! Slowing packing up our place and getting rid of un-needed belongings. It’s frightening.

  3. aw elena it sounds like you had such a fun weekend! what is with Milwaukee and impromptu fireworks? haha. your apartment is super cool. let the dream life begin!

  4. Yuck to moving (I’m doing it, too, and it SUCKS!), yay to living with a boy you love! I really enjoy that this post was categorized under “love, self”. That makes me strangely happy. 🙂 Congrats on the new place and what sounds like such a great relationship…and weekend!

  5. That bank of windows is beautiful.

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