Festa Italiana: July 17th, 2010

Event: Dinner at Milwaukee Ale House + a night o’ fireworks, vino, e gelato at Festa Italiana!

Outfit: Purple dress: Promod (Verona, 2007); Sandals: Target; Belt: Forever 21; Necklace: Borrowed from Anna; Gelato: Espresso e Biscotti!

I had a feeling that, with the sheer exhaustion from moving and the late-night festival, the outfit photos might have to be a little more, er, amateur. So…welcome to BATHROOM MIRROR PHOTOS! Goofy photo below shows how dangerous it would be if I were reguarly in charge of my close-ups. Muahahaha. But, hey, I did manage to get one full-length photo at the festival with GELATO (delicious!).

In any case, I chose this dress because it fit the occasion: I purchased it while studying abroad in Verona at the local Promod (one of the few stores where I felt comfortable shopping…as it sold clothing larger than a size 4). This one was actually first worn to our group’s big “going away” dinner the night before we headed back to America. I accepted my award for “Most Likely to Drink You Under the Table” in this dress.

I know. CLASSY.

This weekend, however, I had 2 beers and a glass o’ vino and was DONE. The whole day o’ moving just got to us, I suppose, as Adam said he was feelin’ it, too (not typical for my 6’4″ dude). Still, Montepulciano vino, you rocked. And I must give props to the insane amount of festivals Milwaukee hosts (and the MANY fireworks that go along with them!). I believe GermanFest is up next (and then Irish Fest…Arab World…etc).

Ciao for now. Time to get some sleep—the weekend wore me out! Grazie for all your kind comments regarding the new apartment/move. I’ll keep the giddy updates coming!

And in Italia at our going-away dinner: May 2007


~ by Elena Marie on July 19, 2010.

5 Responses to “Festa Italiana: July 17th, 2010”

  1. such a cute outfit…I love all of it, the dress, belt, bag and necklace…I love milwaukee, always something fun going on during the summer.

  2. the picture of you in the sunglasses is soooo cute! Love it.

  3. Yay for being in your new apartment! I love the purple dress and Italia!

  4. hottie patattie! i dont know how to spell that.

  5. […] Purple dress previously. […]

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