Adam Arcus at Kafevino.

Half-day again tomorrow so that I can get myself to Milwaukee for an afternoon of moving and an evening of Gallery Night! I LOVED April’s Gallery Night, especially because it was the night we decided to move in together (touring model apartments whilst enjoying free vino was incredibly appropriate and fun). Good times.

And now…Adam is actually one of the featured local artists! His photography exhibit, Gramophone Record Stores: An Exploration of the Existence of Vinyl in Milwaukee is on display at Kafevino, one of our favorite spots—-it was one of our first stops when Adam moved to Milwaukee. You can read more about the exhibit here, at his new blog. It should be up through at least the end of the month if you’re going to be in the Milwaukee area. So very excited for him—-I really could brag about his photography skills pretty endlessly and it’s so nice to see such positive things happening. 🙂

Newlyweds Beth & Jeff are making the trip up, my friend Sarah (lake house neighbor!) is coming down, and Anna’s awesomely coming to check things out, too! Should be a lot of fun. And hey, German Fest is also going on! I worry about the weather forecast, but fun will be had one way or another.

Have a wonderful weekend!


~ by Elena Marie on July 22, 2010.

4 Responses to “Adam Arcus at Kafevino.”

  1. That is SO awesome! Congrats to Adam!!

  2. Woot! Congratulations to Adam!

  3. wow…his photography of you is always beautiful…congrats on his exhibition.

  4. Congrats, Adam!!

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