Gallery Night & Beyond.

I got into town around 2pm on Friday, so Adam and I quickly unpacked my car and then headed off to Mayfair mall—-Adam wanted a new ensemble for Gallery Night. We found him a nice dress shirt (my awesome pick), pants, vest, and tie in record time. WOOT WOOT. Dude was ready for his role as local artist.

We spent most of our Gallery Night time at Kafevino, enjoying a long dinner with Adam’s parents + sister Charlotte, Anna & her friend Doug, Sarah, and eventually Beth & Jeff. Some of Adam’s friends from work awesomely stopped by, too! Around 8pm I headed out with Anna/Doug/Sarah to check out other events. We sampled some free cupcakes, found a friend from high school’s featured work, took goofy photos with magnifying glasses. Good times.

Later in the evening Deena & Jared arrived with some very exciting news: THEY’RE ENGAGED. I love hearing engagement stories and seein’ the ring (okay, and the couple’s happiness written all over their faces!). We all went to an Irish Pub and then onto Safe House—-a spy-themed bar in Milwaukee. I’d highly recommend it. It’s a GINORMOUS space that requires a password to enter (or, um, completion of a semi-embarrassing task), has very fun drinks, and houses the most fun decor out there. Supposedly there’s a secret exit, but we were unsuccessful. Next time, Safe House. Next time. 2am pizza was ordered, sleep was had.

A fun & successful evening—-all of Adam’s business cards are gone! EXCITING.

A very dapper man and his dog

Free mini-cupcakes at the Milwaukee Cupcake Company!

Beautiful (& hot!) evening in the Third Ward

The always-stylish Anna with a very large magnifying glass

Sisters on Gallery Night!

Good, secretive times at Safe House

Lunch on Saturday at the Hofbrau


~ by Elena Marie on July 26, 2010.

4 Responses to “Gallery Night & Beyond.”

  1. I love, love, love that necklace!
    Looks like a fun time 😉

  2. I so love your necklace!! Spy Bar sounds cool…I will have to check it our the next time I am in Milwaukee for work!

  3. Who was the friend from high school whose work you saw?

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