Brewers vs. Nationals: July 24th, 2010

Event: Brewers v. Nationals at Miller Park—-VIP style!

Outfit: Black bubble dress (2007), bag, & sunglasses: H&M; Sandals: Target; Belt: Forever 21; Scarf: Gap; Earrings: Borrowed from Mom

I had only been to one baseball game in my life before (Cubs…they lost), but when Adam told me he had free tickets for us to see the Brewers VIP STYLE I jumped at the chance. Having a boyfriend in the business world appears to have its advantages (says this public-school-bound lady)…aka free VIP parking & seating in a club room with all the perks. It was so nice to enjoy brats, chips, cookies, & Coronas whilst lounging inside or outside (your choice) and talking to Adam’s future co-workers (he starts a new engineering rotation next week, still in the Milwaukee area). And, hey, being in a room with its own bathroom? FULL OF WIN.

Since we weren’t in for the typical baseball game experience, I wasn’t quite sure what to wear. Adam opted for a polo/jeans, so I figured the usual tee/jeans combo wasn’t on the table. Probably could go more casual if we make it back there, but I was happy with this look—-blue & gold scarf in honor of the Brewers! Adam taught me about baseball throughout the game (what I learned in elementary school gym class doesn’t seem to have stuck very well), and it was nice to actually (mostly) understand what was going on. Sports are not my forte, people. I’ll admit that nine innings felt long toward the end, but I enjoyed the whole experience. Especially the white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. Mmm.

P.S. When we got home we got to see fireworks again. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of standing on our street & watchin ’em. It really is kind of ridiculous, though. Milwaukee, you have quite the fireworks fixation…


~ by Elena Marie on July 27, 2010.

6 Responses to “Brewers vs. Nationals: July 24th, 2010”

  1. I love Miller park…did you hit up the dessert cart that they usually have with the boxes…yum.
    Love the scarf-nice touch!

    • Thanks! I did not hit up the cart as I decided to keep the event 100% free for me haha—but they looked delicious!! Did consume 2 cookies and a brownie in the club room…whoops. 😉

  2. Love that dress! It looks like the perfect warm-weather evening-out piece. I love it belted, too, and with that scarf. Gorgeous photography, as always!

  3. This look is a winner- and so are the Brewers! Dating a Wisconsinite for years made me a Brewers fan by default. Love that you rocked the scarf in honor of them. And that dress/belt combo is fabulous on you, you long-legged thing!

  4. and of course there are fireworks, haha

  5. Ooh, looks like so much fun. I love going to baseball games, though I hate watching it on TV…odd. Anyway, I loveloveLOVE how you knotted up that scarf!

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