Funky Presentation: July 28th, 2010

Event: Second-to-last day of medical internship + presentation

Outfit: White tee/black pants: Gap; Red patent, high-heeled Mary Janes: Chinese Laundry via DSW; Necklace: Borrowed from Anna (handed down from aunt); Grey layering tank: Old Navy

These pictures are the result of Anna’s and my attempts to get a mid-air shot. We obviously failed, epically, but here are the open-mouthed results.

I wanted a look that put a little extra spring in my step. Enter: red heels & statement necklace. One of my co-workers deemed my look funky, hence the title. I had to give an in-service presentation today at lunch to the whole staff and was feelin’ a bit anxious about it. But the morning flew by (full load o’ patients today), and the in-service had to commence. Being surrounded by delicious potluck foods and friendly faces (seriously, I like these people so much) took down the nerves level, even after I found out that they don’t have a projector of any kind (oops, Powerpoint presentation). I was given a lovely frame holding an SLP-related quote, a beautiful necklace from one of the SLPs, and a card that everyone signed very nicely.

This whole medical placement experience could’ve been so negative (hospitals, swallowing, bodily fluids, OH MY), but it turned out very much the opposite (attention, problem solving, severe aphasia, traumatic brain injury, OH MY!). I could definitely see myself doing this someday, though I think the specific co-workers and patients here really did make the difference. One of my patients brought me a cake today! And the heartfelt words of good luck and encouragement have meant so much. These people are dealing with things so big and life-changing, and yet they take the time to make me feel all supported and loved. Many thanks, awesome patients. Many thanks.

I actually have one day left, but today was the last day every staff member works, so it was really my big goodbye. Pretty full day on the agenda tomorrow and then it’s time to finish packing up—-Milwaukee (for realsies!), here I come!

Close-ups of the heels from January 8th:


~ by Elena Marie on July 28, 2010.

7 Responses to “Funky Presentation: July 28th, 2010”

  1. I love those red heels!!!

  2. Love the bright colors in your funky outfit. =) You look so happy!

  3. I love those shoes!

  4. I love those heels! And the necklace. Great accessories! 🙂

  5. Ooh, I just love this! The heels totally make the outfit!

  6. Those are some sassy heels! I love them and you radiate happiness in these shots!

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