Stripes, IKEA, & Bonfire: July 31st, 2010

Event: Trip to IKEA & a bonfire evening with Adam’s family

Outfit: Striped maxi dress: Gap; Sandals: Target; Necklace (gift from Adam) & Belt: Forever 21; Bag: H&M; Earrings: World Market (gift from Anna)

Our weekend plans got switched around a bit once we realized that Adam’s cousin, Mairead, would be in from Scotland (via a break from her job at a D.C. summer camp) this weekend. Driving down to see his family on Saturday (+ a trip to IKEA) made the most sense so that our drive on Sunday to the Indiana Dunes was shorter. So…IKEA was numero uno on Saturday’s agenda.

We wound up with 2 bookcases, 2 DVD towers, a coffee table, 2 bar stools (in lieu of a kitchen table/chairs), a desk chair for me, and a handful of other little things (fruit bowl, lamps, etc). I had only been to IKEA once (in 8th grade?), so it was fun to enjoy Swedish meatballs and peruse the inventory. We were a bit rushed, so hope to have a big day trip there sometime, but I think we got just about everything we need to get this apartment organized. Yay! I can’t wait to post pictures—it’s slowly coming together.

Saturday night was a lot of fun. We enjoyed deep dish pizza, played a lot of bags in Adam’s parents’ backyard (a had some beginner’s luck, but mostly was as as awful as I suspected), and introduced Mairead to s’mores! Ah, American traditions ๐Ÿ˜‰ And P.S. I want to go back to Europe so badly. Mairead leaves for a year in France right when she gets back to Scotland…JEALOUS.

As for the outfit, this is the dress I lusted after quite some time ago, but deemed far too expensive for a cotton dress. I stalked it this week, knowing it had hit the sales racks, and was comfortable buying it for $22. I like dresses like this because I feel like the ways you can style them are pretty infinite. Could I also just wear it as a nightgown? Indeed.

More from the weekend once I steal the photos from the photographer. Get ready for jumpin’ in the air beach photos (us ladies tried to recreate photos from Mexico, 2008) and shots from our fancy date night.

Time for me to go rid the living room of the massive amounts of cardboard we amassed from IKEA…Arwen keeps slipping on it (and wanting to chew it up).

Swedish meatballs at IKEA

Fantasy bookshelves at IKEA


~ by Elena Marie on August 3, 2010.

9 Responses to “Stripes, IKEA, & Bonfire: July 31st, 2010”

  1. love the dress and that necklace….I thought of you today, I was in Milwaukee for business..3rd ward, Joey Buona’s Pizzeria…

    • Thanks! And oooh I’ve never been there (but just checked, is about half a mile from me)—recommend it?

      • I definitely recommend it. Old world Italian…big portions…great time pizza.
        If you want to email me your address I can send you a few gift certificates so you can try the food!

  2. gorgeous!! this is so effortless… i need a dress like this STAT.

    and those meatballs are making my mouth water. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I agree with chai am woman; the first word I thought of was effortless! You look very chic and I want your sandals and a necklace like that!

    Also, I love Ikea. It’s a little too easy to go overboard (I totally have…) but it’s so convenient! And those meatballs/potatoes/lingonberries…

  4. Oh, you look amazing!! I love this dress- so casual but chic at the same time. The stripes are great. And I love it with the neutral accessories.

  5. I love this dress! It looks like it’s comfortable, but it’s so cool and fun at the same time. I love, too, the long column of stripes, and how you broke it up with the belt. Great look!

  6. Oooh, loveloveLOVE these pictures, and loveloveLOVE this outfit. Very grecian, very stately, very soft and flowy. Yes, all at once.

  7. […] praised this dress for its versatility when I first wore it last week, so I figured I should actually put that to the test. I paired it with brown accents previously, so […]

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