High-Heeled Date: July 30th, 2010

Event: First fancy date night (my first night living in MKE): Swig & Kafevino

Outfit: Pink ruffled tank: Target; Cuff (gift from Stephy) & pleated skirt: Banana Republic; Metallic clutch: Payless; Belt & necklace: Forever 21; High heeled sandals: “Lucy” by Fergie—Courtesy of Fergie

Liza from Famous Footwear very kindly sent me these shoes awhile ago, and I finally found a reason to wear them! I’ll be honest—it was the heel height that kept them on the back burner for so long. In these 5″ heels I was a towering 6’4″, which I think I can fairly say is a rarity for my gender. I also wanted the option of holding Adam’s hand all night—my high-heel experience is limited and thus my balance is questionable. But the stars finally aligned and it was time to put these to the test.

I have to admit, wearing heels this high just makes you feel 10x sexier. I felt like my legs looked longer and that I could take over the world. Yes, those two are very highly correlated. The platform portion of the shoe made me feel like I was walking in much shorter heels, and I would definitely deem these comfortable! A man stopped to ask why we were taking photos and complimented the heels, so YAY for Famous Footwear. You made me be brave, and I thank you for it. Actually looking directly into Adam’s eyes was a whole new experience (we had to adjust how we held hands, kissed….quite the challenge ;)). Here are some current Fergie options over at Piperlime.

I really liked how this outfit came together. I finally got around to getting some of my skirts dry cleaned, so I was pretty darn eager to make an outfit out of one of ’em. I’m not a huge pink fan in general, but this bright shade with black is definitely a favorite combination. I also got a hair cut on Friday morning, which always adds a little bounce to my step!

In any case, I felt like it all really came together to make a nice look for our first date night as roomies! I suspect date nights will take on a different (perhaps more special?) meaning now that we see each other every day. This one was definitely a good/delicious start. We walked to Swig (where we went for my birthday in May) and enjoyed some outdoor dining. We ordered wonton-wrapped chicken curry to start, and I followed that up with the Rustic Pasta (MMMMMmmmm). Adam loved his Garlic Shrimp Tagliolini. We stopped off at Kafevino on the walk home to purchase a bottle of wine and enjoy a glass together there before heading home (they don’t have a corkage fee—-excellent!). Back at the apartment we enjoyed more vino out on our balcony and then came inside to play Rock Band with Beth & Jeff (remotely). Perfect mix o’ romance and fun.

Hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday! Sorry my posts are a bit behind as of late—-with us spending our nights unpacking/putting furniture together it will likely take me a little time to be updating day-of (or close to it). More to come soon.

P.S. The goofball picture is me trying to point to my nose ring. No internships/work for two weeks means a 24/7 reunion with my bejeweled nose! Boooyeah.

P.P.S. This just makes me grin. BUHBYE, PROP 8. I’m delighted to see you go.

Pre-date elevator shot

Pretty view from Swig

Wonton-wrapped chicken curry

Rustic Pasta


~ by Elena Marie on August 4, 2010.

10 Responses to “High-Heeled Date: July 30th, 2010”

  1. ohmygoodness, you look GORGEOUS!!! i love those jewel tones on you (and the shoes, obviously, are to die for).

  2. Gorgeous! Love it!

  3. awww, you looked beautiful on your date! šŸ™‚

  4. You look absolutely stunning in these pictures!! Can’t wait to see you soon.

  5. You look gorgeous!

    I know there will be appeals, but I am thrilled about the Prop 8 ruling!

  6. Oh Elena, you are a stunningly stunning woman, and you are just radiating so much happiness since you moved to MKE. So glad everything is going so well.

    Oh and YEAH TO NO PROP 8!!!

  7. That shade of fuchsia is gorgeous on you! Love those heels, too. You look amazing!

  8. yer so perty!! šŸ˜›

  9. […] I finally made it to the dry cleaners…has been so nice to have pieces like these shorts and my pleated black skirt to play around with again! Next up…pencil skirts? No kids at work until the 30th means some […]

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