There may have been many more failed attempts before that end result, but you get the idea: coordinating four ladies jumping is tough work, but SUCCESS IS ATTAINABLE. Adam and I drove out to the Indiana Dunes on Sunday morning to meet up with Shelly (left in the black string bikini), my former roomie who was in town from Ecuador (where she’s been living for 2 years). We all sat around catching up, throwin’ a frisbee in the freezing water, and eating yummy Ecuadorian treats while (whoops) burning in the sun. SPF 15 one time does NOT quite do the trick. Oh well. We followed the beach up with a delicious cookout at Shelly’s house. Way too brief a reunion, but it was a fun day. I can’t remember the last time I was at the beach.

Sidenote: I would not typically post pictures of myself in a swimsuit, but you know what? I’m trying to GET OVER IT. I may never be 100% comfortable in a bikini, but oh well. I’m trying to be active and healthy and thus I’m also trying to truly get over some of these hang-ups and just enjoy Adam’s photography skills. So I’ll just give this the outfit post treatment and give this bikini props—-Victoria’s Secret always has random swim sales all summer, and I wound up being very glad I ordered this one. It’s the first bandeau top that hasn’t left me feeling flat as a pancake/in constant danger of flashing the whole beach. Love the optional strap, too. I personally find their sizing very weird—I order size Large in both tops and bottoms there (which VS says means I’m a size 14-16)—but not all my friends have said the same. So…might be a bit of a guessing game before you know your size. I also recently ordered this one (in taupe/ivory animal print) and am a fan. Where do you have the best luck with swimsuits?


~ by Elena Marie on August 5, 2010.

10 Responses to “BEACHTASTIC.”

  1. looks like you guys had a lot of fun..You look great in the bikini…fearless

  2. holy hotness i wish i looked half as good bikini-clad! these photos are awesome!

  3. youre a hottie. so dont even worry.

  4. gurl you got nothing to be worried about, you look darling!

  5. You look smokin’ hot in the bikini, Elena! If I looked half as good in a bikini as you do, I would wear one all the time!

  6. Ow ow!

  7. yay!! the beach was awesome! and yes, much much too brief but it was so great to see you! and of course you looked fantabulous crazy lady! next step: coming to ecuador to go to a south american beach! hehe!

  8. and yikes, looks like i almost have some underboob stuff going on….!

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