Bookcases: August 5th, 2010

Event: Errands solo & later with Adam

Outfit: Dress: Gap; Belt: Forever 21; Sandals: Target; Italia necklace: Urban Outfitters (gift from Anna)

Check out our bookcases! They were featured all barren, but now I’ve filled ’em in (in their alphabetical glory!). The top bookcase is still a bit “under construction” (er, the pretty photo bookends definitely just have the model photos in them), but I’m glad we have some extra shelving space to play with. I love displaying photos & odds ‘n’ ends on bookcases. The built-in shelving in my previous apartment had about 2 shelves o’ books—and the other 2 were dedicated to picture frames and random decor.

The outfit is nothing terribly exciting—-you’ve seen this dress (twice) before. But it’s just so easy to throw on, readers! The belt/necklace combination is new, but let’s face it…I just wanted an excuse to showcase the bookshelves. 😉 The apartment definitely comes together a little more everyday. I assembled our 2 new IKEA lamps yesterday (and Adam hung them up!) and we went to Target on a (successful) hamper-trashcan-coffee grinder-etc mission. Next on the agenda is painting the kitchen red and just doing more unpacking.

More soon—I’m headed back to IL this morning very briefly to have my TB test read. Ah, required work physicals/tests.  Ah, not having insurance to cover them. Am definitely realizing how spoiled I’ve always been to be on my parents’ insurance. My new insurance will start up next month (and, don’t worry, I have super-basic “in case of a catastrophe” insurance right now), but as of now I’m realizing that what would’ve cost a total of $15 under my parents’ insurance has cost me…$125. Eeks.

More soon, including the Friday poll. Yay for the weekend!


~ by Elena Marie on August 6, 2010.

4 Responses to “Bookcases: August 5th, 2010”

  1. LOVE the bookshelves!

  2. Elena, after I buy my car this weekend, I will hopefully be making some sort of trip to MKE, hopefully w/Emily. Can we please come and sit cross-legged in front of your bookshelves, play with Arwen, and drink wine? I promise not to spill any on your carpets.

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