Summer Sizzle: August 7th, 2010

Event: Summer Sizzle in the Third Ward

My outfit: Dress: The Limited (2008); Sandals: Target; Bag: H&M; Headband: Forever 21; Necklace: Silverware Creations (gift from Anna)

Anna’s outfit: Dress: The Limited; Sandals: Gap; Bag & bangles: H&M; “Basilisk fang” necklace: Shop in Woodstock, IL

Adam and I spent most of Saturday unpacking, organizing, and baking cookies (okay, that one was just me), so by the time Anna arrived after 7PM we were starvin’ and ready to eat some street festival cuisine. We wandered over to Summer Sizzle, a jazz festival a block from our apartment, and I grabbed a brat, beer, and later some delicious raspberry sorbetto. Mmm. It was nice to be able to bring Arwen along for the evening—she got LOTS of love from passersby. And there, naturally, were fireworks (courtesy of the nearby Arab World Festival) as we strolled the streets. I’m going to feel so deprived when summer ends and I don’t see fireworks every single weekend (says the spoiled girl). After enjoying the festival we stopped at Kafevino to split a bottle o’ white wine (where Arwen made the most adorable friend ever…little boy who loved to get high-fives from her). The night ended with oatmeal cookie dough and part of Disney’s Earth.

This dress has been a go-to piece lately when I just need to run a couple of quick errands while avoiding death by heat exhaustion. I love that is serves that purpose, but is also willing to be dressed up (or “in between”, in this case). It was first purchased for my undergrad graduation in 2008 and has gotten a whole lot of wear since. Anna’s dress is also from The Limited, but this season. She has been rockin’ it with fabulous accessories frequently—including this “fang” necklace that us Harry Potter nerds decided must be from a basilisk. 😉

Sunday’s outfit is coming up soon. For now it’s time for me to go be a total bum and get my read on! Orientation for work commences next week so I must soak up all the free time I can.


~ by Elena Marie on August 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “Summer Sizzle: August 7th, 2010”

  1. Oh I love that dress!

  2. I like the teal in that dress, it’s one of my favorite colors! Arwen is so cute!

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