LBD, Day & Night: August 12th, 2010

Day event: Lunch with Adam & visiting his work

Night event: Wine & cheese tasting at the Public Market

Outfit: Black one-shoulder dress: The Limited; Plaid shirt-dress: Old Navy; Belt: Forever 21; Black flats: Hot Kiss, Courtesy of Famous Footwear; Bag: H&M; Necklace (Day): Silverware creations (gift from Anna); Necklace (Night): Target (gift from Anna); Sandals: Target; Earrings: Forever 21

Yesterday I had the chance to meet Adam for a lunch out near his workplace! Had to take advantage of my last week as a lady o’ leisure. We went to the Charcoal Grill and I had a hefty black & blue burger. I’m not usually a big burger fan, but when the toppings are interesting I occasionally throw caution to the wind. 😉 After lunch I got the deluxe facility tour—the plant, the offices, the co-workers. Good times. We are in very different fields, but I always enjoy getting a little hint of what Adam (the engineer) does. He tried to explain drives to me (frequency, hertz, bypass, OH MY!).

Right when Adam got in the door we ran out to the Public Market for a wine & cheese tasting event. For $10 tickets we had unlimited deliciousness. I don’t care to share how many times I visited the table with the raspberry and rosemary cheeses, but I don’t think I was fooling anyone with my “covert” toothpick-dives into the cheese plates.  HOLY YUM. Shockingly, I did not used to love cheese. Somehow this has changed (probably in large part to the whole “studying abroad in Italia” thing), and I very much enjoyed the evening. On the way out I simply had to stop by the chocolate shop in the middle of the market. Delicious milk chocolate Eiffel Tower for moi, dark chocolate key lime truffle for Adam. I was in heaven. I sense a tradition of trying one new chocolate a week forming…

Quite the decadent and awesome day. As you can see, day & night really just shared the same dress & bag…the rest got switched up. I wasn’t sure if sleeveless would be appropriate for the workplace tour (and closed-toed shoes were required), so I suffered in the heat for a bit before happily switching into my “night” look. We think our picture made it into the paper from the tasting? Adam’s out hunting down a copy—will share it with you if so (I believe my face is pretty much obscured by my wine glass ha).

Time to get my clean on—my parents are visiting for the first time tomorrow morning (and will come bearing our couch!). Happy Friday! The poll is forthcoming, awesome readers.


~ by Elena Marie on August 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “LBD, Day & Night: August 12th, 2010”

  1. I just discovered your great blog via the comment you left over at fashionable academics. I loved your example regarding Rock Band. I play Rock Band for a living and get glorious amounts of crap from gentlemen who don’t realize who I work for when I set up my drum set on expert (or even take the stage to give a game demo). Your comment put a fantastic smile on my face – thank you!

  2. i love this! definitely love the night look – one of my faves of yours ever.

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