Round-Up: XXXVII

With our apartment warming on Friday (and friends’ coming up), this made me smile. Must remember for the future: bread, salt, wine.

Photos of Cinque Terre via A Cup of Jo. Siiiigh. Would love to be there now.

These bangles are lovely, and I definitely think I prefer the cheap version!

Kitchen: food/veggie ballssangria in seconds.

We’re in need of furniture for our balcony. Here’s some inspiration.

I love sneak peaks at amazing spaces.

Diggin’ these chevron calling cards.

Check these out. Now you want to live on a boat. ZING.

House in a hill? Yes, please.

Love this post by Jen of JenLovesKev. Here’s to adventures!

Yay for the whole site but these single pom-pom necklaces are particularly perfect.

Now that everything I own is from IKEA I have to give this before/after major props. 😉

Um, this London Anthropologie makes me drool. And here’s a shop in Paris that I think would just swallow me up.


~ by Elena Marie on August 16, 2010.

2 Responses to “Round-Up: XXXVII”

  1. that house in a hill is so cool!! I love all your links!

  2. I love this link list. That house in the hill reminds me of Little House on the Prairie.

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