Shorts & Cheesecake: August 17th, 2010

Event: Impromptu birthday dinner for Adam’s sister

Outfit: Striped long-sleeved tee & shorts: Gap; Necklace: The Limited; Headband: Forever 21; Heels: Target

So yesterday I went to IL & back twice. Eeeks. Went to orientation during the day, went back to suburbia at night for Adam’s youngest sister’s birthday (though Adam drove for that trip). During the day Adam asked if I’d be up for it, and I figured I’d have enough time to work out, shower, etc, and be ready for dinner. Eh, not so much. Got home around 4pm (which is early), but then had to deal with car insurance nonsense and wound up just having enough time to “put on my face” (sidenote: I hate that phrase) and change out of my business casual clothes.

Anywhoodle— Charlotte turned 19 and Adam’s family had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate. The food was yummy (their menu overwhelms me—in a good way), but I was mostly looking forward to ordering a piece of cheesecake to-go. I went with the chocolate coconut cream and it was heavenly (obviously). Ate it over the course of three sittings, but it sadly is no more.

If I had to eat one thing for the rest of my life, it just might be cheesecake. Hmm (food for thought? ;-D).

The elements of this outfit have all been done before, but not together. I’m so glad I finally made it to the dry cleaners…has been so nice to have pieces like these shorts and my pleated black skirt to play around with again! Next up…pencil skirts? No kids at work until the 30th means some worry-free time wearing dresses and skirts! And then the pants and leggings may have to join the party…

I actually liked my outfit today, but didn’t wind up taking any photos. Today was just one of those days—nothing went terribly wrong, but I was just in kind of a funk. My appointment with an insurance agent got canceled, which meant my trip to the DMV was thrown off…and while the DMV was nice/fairly empty, I dumbly didn’t have everything I needed for a WI license (though I did get my new WI title/registration). And I finally couldn’t resist stopping by Anthropologie, but didn’t find anything great in the sales section (was kind of hoping for an apartment-warming dress). But then Adam and I went grocery shopping for the aforementioned apartment-warming party and I just finished a late night work-out…so things are looking up. Hopefully to the point where my blog posts get a little less full of rambling 🙂

Hope you’re having a great week (and are eating plenty of cheesecake!).


~ by Elena Marie on August 18, 2010.

5 Responses to “Shorts & Cheesecake: August 17th, 2010”

  1. i LOVE this outfit!!!! shorts/heels = love!

  2. Love the stripes!

  3. The shorts + heels is a great look for you!

  4. This entire outfit looks stunning on you.

    I love how wearing heels with shorts instantly changes them.

    p.s. Hello Legs! 9 miles long they are.

  5. I love this! You look SMOKIN’.

    (sorry I’m so behind on commenting!)

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