Dressing Room: Anthropologie

Wouldn’t this have made the perfect hostess dress for our apartment-warmining? SIGH. It’s not on sale and I don’t think it’s even at my local Anthropologie anymore, so OH WELL. Maybe someday, Traced Twirls. I stopped by Anthro yesterday to check out the sales room, just in case any random dresses I hadn’t seen before would fit the bill. No such luck, but I snapped a few photos whilst there.

1. Discovered Lace Dress, $158

Very pretty dress, but I don’t think the right dress for me (and definitely not the right price tag). I always want to think that flowy shifts will work for me, but I really just want to belt ’em. Always. This is a size 8, so I’d say pretty TTS. The lace details are definitely gorgeous.

2. Seaside Fields Dress, $138

Again—lovely dress, just not for me. This one felt a bit tight in the thigh/booty region, a bit loose on top. This is an 8, so might be TTS, but not right for my body. The color combinatio is beautiful, and I love the green ruffles.

3. Doubly Adorned Dress, $148

Huuuuge on me. I know it comes with straps, but nope…definitely would’ve needed to size down on this one (this is an 8). As I knew I wasn’t buying I didn’t bother to grab another size, but I’d worry it would be too tight in the hips in a smaller size. The vintage feel is fantastic, and I love the buttons/bow detail.

4. Drifting By Dress, now $90 (sold out online)

This would’ve been a party contender if it had been available in a bigger size. This was a 6, and while I (eventually) got it to zip, I knew it was too tight. Love the sheer portions and the details in the bodice and skirt. Really a beautiful piece! It was there in a neutral shade as well, but only in a size 4.

5. ?

I don’t see this one online (may just be blind), but it was very pretty. If not for the pricetag (hmm $118 or $148 ha?), it would be a contender for more day-to-day wear. Could certainly be dressed up as well. I think this was a Medium.

6. ?, $148?

Such a fun print! I loved the sweetheart neckline. I’d say this one runs a little bit big—this was a size 8.

Nothing is firmly on my wishlist after this trip. Still holding out on the Traced Twirls dress & two skirts.  I haven’t spent any money on clothes this month (so mint.com tells me)…keep waiting! Maybe I’ll try a clothing ban some day, but for now I think I’m pretty good at restraining myself when I’m holding out for something special.


~ by Elena Marie on August 19, 2010.

7 Responses to “Dressing Room: Anthropologie”

  1. you’re seriously looking skinnier than ever! i love the black and white dress–so pretty! when is your apartment warming (or did it already happen?)–pardon me, i’m so ridiculously behind on reading but we JUST got internet service at our house! YAY!

    xoxoxo to you!

    • Aww thanks 🙂 It’s tomorrow…I need to get in a much more productive mindset! And HUZZAH for internet service.

  2. I love the first and fourth one that little hint of sheer is so in style!

  3. Awwww the drifting by dress is my fave =D

  4. […] Ward. I figured I might as well try a few more things on . Funny aside: Laura wound up buying the Drifting By dress that I decided was too tight on me 2 days previously! It was the only one they had, and I was happy […]

  5. You look fabulous in the discovered lace dress! – very 60s, very sophisticated – just add shimmery opaque tights and low heels

  6. […] in the mood. I ordered this dress after spotting it for $20 in Linda’s store & realizing I had tried it on/liked it years ago (see, this is why I do fitting room reviews! ;-D). Paired it with this sweater, found for under $30 […]

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