Party Details.

I wanted to share some more shots from the party. I love little details when it comes to events oh-so-much, so I figured I could do some basic ones. Using random frames I had around the apartment I made little signs for each item using Ali Edwards‘s free, download-able font. My bigger project was making favors for everyone in the form of “Muffins That Taste Like Donuts” (with a little “thank you” message attached). I can’t recommend this recipe highly enough…Adam and I (mostly “I”) have been eating the leftovers very happily. Mmm. And—though I typically HATE mayo—this wasabi dip involving it is also a new favorite. Once I knew Katherine, Natalie, and Sarah were coming I just had to get some cupcakes from Milwaukee Cupcake Company for the party—it was so fun trying different varieties while being reminded of our yummy outings to Cakes on Walnut. Adam and I also provided guests with many local beers (these also had a sign…don’t you worry! Although pancakes in the morning did not have a sign, for which I was, of course, teased). It was really my first time playing “hostess” for such a big event, especially one involving food, and I think it kinda rocked…very much due to the people who attended (and Adam’s delectable sliders)!

Thank you so much for your kind comments regarding my outfit and our apartment! Made me smile! Hoping to have Adam take more “apartment” shots very soon.


~ by Elena Marie on August 23, 2010.

10 Responses to “Party Details.”

  1. LOVE all the work you put into this! Super cute little labels. I can’t wait to move and have a little get together.

    I guess I’m just excited to move so I can decorate how I want =P mwahahahaha

  2. OMG – you are so cute and so is your party! Ah I wish I could have been there 😦

  3. The frame menus = genius! I love that idea! So wish I was invited, it looks like a delicious spread!

  4. I hate wasabi but couldn’t stop eating the wasabi dip!! Delish! The muffins look delicious too 🙂 you’re an excellent hostess Elena and Adam’s beer was sooo good. I like Milwaukee hehe

  5. This party looks absolutely amazing! Your outfit was also fabulous!

  6. your framed labels are just too cute…so fun!

  7. Yay skirt and yay Adam! You two look awesome in your SP post. It’s by far my favorite of the 4. And I DO love that arrow photo. Good call, Adam.

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  9. […] Muffins that taste like donuts: I’ve made these twice before (apartment warming party, my 25th birthday party), and when I woke up on Saturday craving them…I just went for it! All […]

  10. […] I put into planning a freaking wedding…and feel my pain. BUT MOVING ON. Previous evidence: housewarming 2010, Stella & Dot jewelry party, 25th birthday (cupcake bar remains one of my favorite […]

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