Now, perhaps most people would see this sign at Irish Fest and pause briefly, be intrigued by the price, and move on.

Adam and I, however, are not those people. We go up to the desk, ask questions, take brochures, explore other options, and immediately think of whether we have any upcoming chunks of time available. Why, I get all of Thanksgiving week off, I say. I have floating holidays, Adam adds.

And then, 2 days later, we book a 5-day trip to Dublin, Ireland.

That’s just how we roll (and I’m so glad!). See you in less than 3 months, Emerald Isle! I might be more of a planner in some regards, but spontaneity and utter randomness can certainly rock. CASE IN POINT.

*insert excited squeal here*


~ by Elena Marie on August 28, 2010.

4 Responses to “Dublin-Bound.”

  1. OMG – so jealous!!!! thats awesome 🙂

  2. FUN!!!

  3. SO JEALOUS!!! that is so awesome! yay for spontaneity!

  4. Bwaaaaaaah? So jealous!

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