Anniversary Dinner: August 31st, 2010

Event: 3-year anniversary dinner @ Joey Buona’s

Outfit: Purple dress: The Limited; Ruffled heels: Madden Girl via DSW; Bib necklace: Flea market; Clutch: Payless

I love any excuse for a fancy night out, but a 3-year anniversary is just plain VALID. Perfect reason to bust out the infrequently worn heels. I actually gave Adam some options and asked him to pick out my dress—I knew I wasn’t getting a new dress for the occasion, so I figured it would at least be fun to have him choose. He picked this purple number, which I have worn time and time against since its debut at Carly’s wedding. It’s definitely earned its keep (See: here, here, here, here). The necklace is a new piece—nabbed it for $10 at the flea market near our family lake house. I would love to wear it with a basic tees & dresses.

R. of Not Just Mom very generously sent me gift certificates to Joey Buona’s, a restaurant a half a mile away from our apartment! We figured we’d go there to celebrate and enjoy a decadent feast (guilt-free!). Dublin has been deemed our “3 year anniversary trip”, so we didn’t want to do anything too crazy this week. Joey Buona’s was perfect—-we ordered the massive 2-person family style menu, and our fridge is still jam-packed with leftovers. The service was great, the $5 endless wine was welcome, the chocolate cake (and, well, everything) was delicious. I’d recommend it! Thank you, R.!

After dinner we came back to take the pupster with us for a walk down to the river. Honestly, the puppy was a brat yesterday (seems to be acting out a bit), but I was glad we included her. She’s part of our little family. And she’s adorable almost all of the time 😉 Guess what Adam gave me? A blouse from Anthropologie! I didn’t even know he knew my size, but he got me a really beautiful shirt & my favorite card from him to date.

I’m a happy lady. Time to get back to watching an episode of Dexter with Adam before bed. Must get him caught up before September 26th!

P.S. Thank you for all your happy anniversary wishes! You’re the best.

P.P.S. I feel obligated to report that a man on the street of questionable sanity compared my legs in this dress to Tina Turner’s. So…that’s good?


~ by Elena Marie on September 1, 2010.

10 Responses to “Anniversary Dinner: August 31st, 2010”

  1. Awww…congratulations! Here’s to many more celebrations. Love you Elena!

  2. aw happy anniversary!! You look so beautiful! I love that dress and those ruffled heels are just perfect!

  3. Beautiful dress! Love how you and your boyfriend match!

  4. congratulations!!! You two are honestly the one of the cutest couples I know. I love seeing pictures of you two together. The eyes closed, kissing you on the top of the head picture is so sweet, it made me tear. Love it!

    p.s. Adam did great picking out this dress for you, purple is defin. one of your colors.

  5. Awwww such fun ^_^ Love the purple dress!

  6. I am so glad that you had a great time at joey buona’s for your annivery!!

  7. Oh my gosh, you two look SO happy and in love. And dear god woman, you have been looking classier and classier every day (and you started off being pretty classy, so who knows where that puts you now!).

  8. This dress is beautiful! I love the color. Absolutely awesome! THe blogger meet up yesterday was great, too! I hope you enjoyed yourself. I put up a post on my blog about it!

  9. congratulations! looks like you had a great night! so happy to see the lace collar we found make its debut – it’s perfect with that dress.

  10. […] been looking for a way to wear my flea market find during the day. This black and white tee seemed like a good fit. I don’t think these photos […]

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